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Hunters Excuse - "Conservation"

How to refute with a hunter Part 1 "Conservation"

   1. Hunters idea of "conservation" is to ensure enough "game" animal for future generations of killing for sports and trophy from birds to big "game" animals with the use of food plots,

manipulating deer habitat and of course using Compensatory Rebound Effect which the hunting industry knows very well about that is how they ensure enough deer to satisfy "sportsman" across America. . They tell the public money goes to land for "all" to enjoy but what they do not know is that same land that non killers are photographing nature will be the same land that will be used as a killing field for "sportsman" and the beautiful photograph of a buck deer, Elk, Moose etc will be killed and probably won't see them again instead it will be on some hunters wall or in a photograph with a dead animal on the ground gray in the eyes, blood in the mouth posed with the hunter sitting or standing by with smiles on his face that he was able to "conquer" such magnificent creature.

Here is more about "Conservation" which is an important read.

 Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound management


The Myth of Trophy Hunting
as Conservation

Wildlife Watching:
An Economic Boon to Communities

Eco-tourism is what brings the money but the hunting industry rarely mentions that because the NRA and the pro-kill Government wants the public to continue believing it's the "sportsman" who brings money. Then they say how they "boost" the economy yet with such small percentage of killers in America I would believe that is a bit of an exaggeration. Imagine how much money can be made by eco-tourism, bird watching, nature photography where MAJORITY of the population will enjoy but many do not want to get involved because of hunting that does takes place. "Sportsman" or American are only 4% of the American population but the reason they continue to "win" is the support of power and money (guns and political people who too have interest in hunting) which they get money from all the hunting propaganda. They do love their euphemism such as "conservation", "wildlife management", "love and respect nature". Psychopaths too were good with being the "nice" people but behind the facade lies a soulless monster.

Also how is "conservation" of land doing the non-killing public any good if we can' even feel safe in the woods during the fall. There is no peace in there just death and destruction as millions of hunters heads out into the forest blasting their guns, crossbows and bows and arrows to KILL.

Overall "Conservation" is just a euphemism , another name for propagating "game" animals for "sportsman" to kill not only for today but for the future. There is nothing "beautiful" about terror, pain, suffering, bloodshed and death to the innocent because that is what hunters love to show on their videos and websites about "conservation". I wonder what it would look like if they showed what really happens to the animals they "conserve" . One last thing I forgot to mention many popular "wildlife group" hooking up with the hunters (easy money , quick fix and brainwashed to think if you kill some you will have plenty of animals for "all" to enjoy which we know is a farce). Organization such as Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, and of course Audubon.

Hunters Excuses "If we don't kill them they'll starve to death"

How to refute hunters BS. The "if we don't kill them they'll starve to death"

If I had a dime for every "they'll starve to death" I be a billionair.  First of all I don't see any DNR selling tags to kill the "starving and sickly deer" do you?  Every hunters wants the healthy with the big rack to compensate for their shortcomings so there is no "starving deer" in any hunting photos I have seen yet. Plus how do they know which deer will "starve to death" when they shoot them and also who is killing the deer's natual predators such as coyotes and wolves? That's right the hunters, the more killing done to "varmints"  the better because they will reduce the deer numbers *naturally* which the hunters do not want.  Coyotes and wolves goes  after the sickly to keep the strong yes they go after babies too and it's sad but that is part ot the nature way to keep healthy eco- balance not bunch of "sportsman" killing animals for shere pleasure even the babies, yearlings, pregnant does and of course the beautiful buck.

As millions of hunters heads into the woods the deer become very stressed  which causes them to be unable to eat, the hunters causes the animal family to separate which  means the yearling will lose the warmth of their mother or the matriarchs if the yearling lost their mother from hunters.  Hunters especially bowhunters leave thousands wounded and crippled unable to eat  now talk about "starvation" and also dying from pain and suffering.  In Wisconsin 08 Season 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered by hunters according to their Game Commission.  It was not only on this article from Associated Press but on another one but lets say the number *maybe* was miscalculated and it is actually 6,000 or even 600, or 60 that is still way too many deer suffered for hunters sick pleasure.

(Read last line)

In America they do love their food plots and with all the food plots and hunters propagating deer for hunting pleasure via Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE)  there will always be abundance of deer and many deer will run from terrors of hunting to seek refuge and that is why you will find deer in area that has no hunting then they blame because there was no hunting blahblahblah.  Deer numbers are here because of hunters that is the most important thing people must remember, hunters kills off the healthiest of the deer /elk, hunters stresses the deer, hunters leaves thousands wounded and crippled to die after days unable to eat.

Watch this video I did a while back ago.

Deer Hunting Increases the Rate Of Deer Starvation

Lastly starvation  is a natural part of life and death in the wild just as diseases and death are for humans.   I also  forgot to mention that the body size of whitetails has gotten smaller because of hunting (not the rack obviously they work hard to make sure rack will be huge) and also certain species of bear body size has gotten smaller "thanks" to hunters. Twice I saw a video where the hunter shot a buck because the antler was not right (bad genes) not because of sickly or thin and even Killed the older buck because they feel they are no more use for mating. Yeah that is how much they "care" for the starving.!

Hunters Excuse- "They will spread diseases and we must control them"

First of all CWD the most serious of all disease were first spread by Elk and Deer farming when hunters were feeding rendered animals to grow large rack and because of hunting with their baiting and supplement feeding it continued to spread today though they banned feeding rendered animals they still supplement feed deer or bait when the deer congregates and that is how it's spread.. (although with the hunting public who knows if they still feed rendered animals)

"As you can see by reading this article [below] in this afternoon's Capital Times of Madison, word is slowly leaking out about what has apparently been a massive decade-long feeding of "supplements" (including meat and bone meal as mineral and protein) to wild deer in the heart of the "kill zone," the area of the WI Chronic Wasting Disease outbreak.

Apparently no one in the CWD research community has ever investigated the possibility that CWD may be spreading via rendered feed (mineral, fat and protein supplements), as happened in Britain with mad cow disease. This needs to be investigated immediately as a possible third means of infection for CWD, along with suspected animal-to-animal transmission and environmental contamination.

As you can see from the excerpts of two books below on feeding wild deer, there has been a huge push over the past 10-15 years of supplemental feeding of both game farmed elk and deer and wild deer to grow bigger animals with huge-boned antlers. "

Bovine TB is another disease that can kill human and animals and it's spread by supplement feeding and baiting

same as CWD. Bovine TB is found in Michigan and spreading . They believe killing will "eliminate" the diseases but in Wisconsin they have killed thousands of deer since 2002 and CWD is still prevalent. The main cause of spread is hunters supplement feeding and baiting deer and Elk although they are "prohibiting" baiting and supplement feeding certain areas are still allowed in "Non-CWD Zone" in  Wisconsin and in private land.  Also when they gut the deer and leave the gut pile what other animals could be consuming a diseased deer?

CWD is now in 14 states plus 2 Canadian Province
Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York (only from CWD containment area), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia (only from Hampshire County), Wisconsin and Wyoming; as well as the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Overall it's not just CWD but other wildlife diseases which hunting can worsen the epidemic

Hunting Can Increase The Severity Of Wildlife Disease Epidemics

"One reason the policies failed, Choisy and Rohani said, is that they didn’t take into account an ecological principle known as compensation. When a portion of the animal population is reduced, those that survive are left with more resources such as food and shelter. As a result of the newly plentiful resources, the death rate decreases and the birth rate increases, compensating – and sometimes overcompensating – for the loss.

(Here you can see Compensatory Rebound Effect at work)

Killing wild animals can also increase the proportion of the population that’s susceptible to disease by removing those individuals who have contracted a virus but have developed lifelong immunity as a result of their infection.

The effect can be so dramatic that in some cases hunting can increase not only the proportion of infections and deaths, but also the absolute numbers. For example, their model shows that in the case of swine fever, a highly infectious disease threatening boars and pigs in Europe, hunting can increase the number of infected individuals by twenty five percent.

If we want to preserve the hunted population, we should be careful about when we schedule the hunting season compared to birth season because if it’s too early or late, it can drive the population to extinction,” "

Hunters still seem to make excuses why it's "ok" for them to supplement feed deer (read my blogger)

Wisconsin DNR is still allowing supplement feeding if the hunter pays more money and so long as you have sports hunting they will bait even if it's against the law in CWD zone.

In Wisconsin CWD are spreading yet there is still baiting deer and DNR is actually letting them with an extra charge. Why would they even do that if that is how CWD is spread? Ridiculous but not surprised at all!. As you read the article they also want to continue to supplement feed the deer for fear of deer numbers fa...lling (and ...all this time I thought hunting is about deer herd reduction) .

"I see people loading trucks with corn, carrots and sugar beets around my home in Grayling, and a friend called to say bait is widely sold even at the heart of the CWD management zone in Kent County.

It will be even harder to get Upper Peninsula hunters to accept a ban, because deer numbers there are below targets set by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. And without supplemental winter feeding the population will drop even more.

The DNRE could charge $20-$30 for a license that lets people use small amounts of bait at a time or materials like salt licks and attractor blocks. Purchasing that license would acknowledge that the DNRE has the right to come onto a hunter's property to check the bait pile."

Supplement Feeding can spread CWD yet hunters do it and supports it - WHY? cl

175 deer test positive for cwd in wisconsin

Overall it's the sports hunting industry that will eventually bring deer to extinction from wildlife disease epidemic with their supplement feeding and baiting


Lastly deer trafficking is very common so with hunters wanting their big rack deer the disease will continue to worsen in that way too.

Hunters excuse #5 "Our meat is hormone free and organic"

(worms in deer carcass)

(liver fluke)

(gross legions)

Left to right: Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials, Christine Hanaburgh, and Amy Swainston, catalog deer at the Barry County deer check station on opening day. Photo: Dave Raczkowski / The Grand Rapids Press
(Bovine TB turning up in Michigan)

(Pesticides from lawn spray tons were sprayed in NJ and hunted deer "given" to the pantries)

Before I start let me remind you that when recreational hunters comes to your post with the old line of  "meat in the freezer" and "Our meat is hormone free and organic" is just their cover-up.  Okeeee, now lets see we know wildlife especially deer may carry  all kinds of diseases one such  as bovine TB which can transmit to man, there are parasite, worms of all kinds, pesticides from the lawn and the most dangerous of all which if Chronic Wasting Disease another pretty name of Mad Deer Disease

What the government isn't telling you about mad deer disease.

Prions in CWD is the same agent that causes Creutzfeldt-Jakob is a rare, fatal illness often described as "fast Alzheimer's. One cannot often detect a sick deer until the final stage so you can kill a deer thinking he/she is "healthy" but instead carrying the disease.

(checking for CWD)

"At least seven people age 66 or younger -- all hunters or venison eaters -- are known to have died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob in the U.S. in the last nine years. The total number will never be known because there's no federal requirement that all cases be reported. Preliminary studies suggest, and some neurologists suspect, that CJD is more common than generally believed -- it's simply misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's. That raises the obvious question: How many people would die of chronic wasting disease before a doctor called it?

In a highly publicized case, three Wisconsin hunters who attended wild-game feasts died of neurological diseases. Two had Creutzfeldt-Jakob, one turned out to have another rare neurological ailment, Pick's disease. Tests are ongoing.

Another victim from Oklahoma died with a freezer full of venison. A 50-year-old Montana elk hunter died last summer; his brain tissue is now being analyzed at one of the world's foremost prion labs, at the University of California in San Francisco. Test results are pending."

None of the meat that some consume are inspected by the USDA the hunters "inspect" it themselves.

Lastly only 16% according to a chart found in a hunting website motive to hunt is for food the rest is for sports so even *if" some eat the meat they only take the "back ribs" or parts to make "beef jerkey" (laughable).

("to be close to nature" and "to be with family" is another words for "I love to kill living creatures")

  Sports hunters have their fridge stocked with market food and dairy is filled with hormones and puss and god knows what.  So all that "organic hormone free" more excuses and I have seen hunters going into 7-11's before their morning kill and even stop at Wendy's.  Plus why is it that heart attack  are so prevalent in the hunting community? Boy those Venison must be really "healthy" for them.

(Don't forget milk and all dairy product  is filled with puss, hormones and all kinds of crap)

(don't forget Milk is filled with hormones, puss and all kinds of junk)

*I am not against sustenance hunting I understand there are some people who have absolutely no choice but those who not be here making lame excuses, they will not be making videos or taking morbid photographs they be out getting their food with a shotgun and come home.    So many times on some of the cruelest videos on youtube you hear the remark of 'yeah meat in freezer" or "back ribs baby" just to make the public think their disgusting savage killing is not because they just enjoy it.    Even their own hero Ted the "Turd" Nugent said 

Nobody hunts just to put meat on the table because it's too expensive, time consuming and extremely inconsistent. - Ted Nugent's World Bowhunters Magazine, Volume 1/ Number 3, March/April 1990, p.7

Hunters excuse #6 - "Have you seen how animals die in slaughterhouse? It's more humane to hunt free deer"

I believe even though today's  recreational hunting has got nothing to do with food we should all strive to go vegan if we are going to go out and defend our wildlife, seals, whales, cats or dogs.   It's a compassionate choice we do have today and there is no more  excuse for you can't love and care for cats , dogs, seal  or deer yet eat the body of a cow,pigs, chicken or even have dairy for all animals suffer and NO animals do not want to die.  Now  Of course most  of us know what goes on at the slaughterhouse and in slaughterhouse it's a horrible hell for the animals .  Many are trying to go for the "humane" meat though I don't believe in that lie for no animals wants to die and in the end all death is horrific but that does not mean the animals in the wild by the billions do not suffer for SPORTS and TROPHY or what ever sick thrills one  get out of killing innocent sentient beings.  It only takes a mind of a soulless humans to want to literally  go into the homes of the animals and kill  for the shear  fun of it. As far as the slaughterhouse and meat eating,  today many are also going vegetarian and transition into  veganism for we are all learning that animals are sentient beings that do want to live, they have their life, their families, their babies, group bonding and look at the deer with their Matriarch, when one dies another take over. That is a sentient beings.

We know that today's sport hunting has got nothing to do with "food",  *some* may "eat" the "back ribs" or "beef jerky" (pathetic) as the rest of the body is either dumped to the forest ground, the land fill or "give" the unsavory part to the pantries to poison them with non USDA meat that hunters "inspect" themselves.  HUNTERS LOVE THE "MEAT IN FREEZER" EXCUSE I hear it all the time as if that takes the focus off their horrific cruelty done in the name of sports and trophy.  It's like their crutch same as how they use poachers as a scapegoat the hunting industry and hunters know their lies for lies and hunters and synonymous.

The  WORST PART IS in the forest recreational hunters can do WHAT EVER THEY WISH because sports hunting is nothing more then legalized animal cruelty.

(deer tortured)

(deer was tortured)

  No one hear their cries, no one sees the animals  suffocating in their own blood or taking hours to die.  No one sees how many cruel humans enjoy watching animals suffer  as they spine hit the deer even fawns with spots and then they cheer  and the bowhunters doing  the "smack down"   There are many  humans are out there who enjoy causing cruelty to animals.  They know that all they have to do is to get a hunting license and call yourself a "sportsman" or "outdoorsman" and you can cause any pain and suffering you want  It's all legalized animal cruelty, bowhunting in itself is immense cruelty  so the DNR and other state wildlife killing Agencies  (DNR, Fish and Games etc)  could give a damn what you all do, let the animals suffer and die a slow death isn't that right? BUT, NOW Lucky for us now we have bunch of morons who upload their sadism onto youtube which is  a haven for monsters who like to feel "important" by destroying life as they video tape soon after the shot with all that whooping for joy as the  animals run after arrow hit to lay up and die  and the hunters wait the recommended 30-45 minutes sometimes up to 4 hours even 12 hours or longer .  In the forest there is no anti-cruelty law, in the forest the "sportsman" can do whatever they wish and the worst part now is that bowhunting is becoming more popular even the shotgun hunters are taking up the sadist "sports" for the soulless psychopathic humans. 

How many deer and other "game" animals are left wounded and crippled to die after days of suffering all for the sake of sports and trophy . ? In my other post I showed you a graphic in Wisconsin  08's deer killing season, 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered by hunters now how about the other states? How many do they leave behind in the forest ground or in rivers and streams dumped as if they were "nothing"

We know today's recreational hunters goes to their 7-11 for their egg and bacon sandwich and coffee

for their early morning kill or late afternoon at Wendy's for their "let the deer layup and die" lunch  and their fridge is stocked with chicken, pork, steak, rib eyes, dairy and other market bought food.  Recreational hunters  are not killing  out of survival or sustenance they  are killing for sports while they  drive their ATV, have their  fancy killing gear , face painted like they  are in a "war zone" to murder  bambies.  So "sportsman" cause pain and suffering indirectly in the slaughterhouse for food and in the home of the animals for "fun" .

Slaughterhouse is evil and horrendous  and sports hunting is just the same but I say this again,  with *SPORTS* Hunting (Killing) THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF CRUELTY  THAT CAN BE INFLICTED ON THE ANIMALS IN THEIR OWN HOME-  Only small percentage of those  hunting is for sustenance the rest is for shear pleasure of killing call them "sportsman", "outdoorsman", "conservationist", for us they are simply wildlife killing  PSYCHOPATHS!


Lastly, let's all strive to be on a plant based diet, it's really sounds hypocritical to fight for one sentient beings while eating another even though fighting against sports hunting is not about Veganism.

Because with hunters they cause indirect pain and suffering to innocent sentient beings for food and direct deliberate pain and suffering on an innocent sentient being for sports and trophy

("to be with family", "to be close to nature" is just another way of saying "I just love to kill")

*Just to let you know that "16%" is not sustenance hunters or survival those are people who kills to eat the "back ribs" or "deer jerky" sustenance hunters and survival only makes up about .001% of the population.


Body Count - ANIMALS KILLED ANNUALLY By Sportsman/Hunters

Does this looks like they do not contribute to slaughterhouse suffering too?

Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE) is REAL don't let the hunting public tell you otherwise

You will often get comments like this from Hunters. "CRE is still junk science."Compensatory Rebound Effect is the reason why killing does not work but the hunters and the hunting industry wants to deny it and rather call is 'AR propaganda" or "junk science" .  We  shall see for ourselves if  this is really "propaganda" or "junk science".  First of all

 What is Compensatory Rebound Effect?

"Reproductive rebound is a well documented population dynamic in deer and other mammals. Deer conceive multiple embryos but the number of fawns actually born is determined by a number of complex factors including nutrition and herd density. With competition for food reduced by a sudden drop in herd numbers, younger fawns will breed and females will give birth to twins and triplets instead of single fawns.In its 1990 report, "An Assessment of Deer Hunting in New Jersey," New Jersey Fish and Game offered a detailed example of this process. Its report shows that even during hunting seasons in which killing female deer was the objective (antlerless seasons), the remaining females had increased birthrates that not only replaced the ones killed, but increased the overall size of the herd. "

CRE is mentioned by others people who have nothing to do with Animal Rights.

"The researchers note that in each instance, disease outbreaks have worsened in response to the hunting.One reason the policies failed, Choisy and Rohani said, is that they didn’t take into account an ecological principle known as compensation. When a portion of the animal population is reduced, those that survive are left with more resources such as food and shelter. As a result of the newly plentiful resources, the death rate decreases and the birth rate increases, compensating – and sometimes overcompensating – for the loss."

Hunting Can Increase The Severity Of Wildlife Disease Epidemics

And GUESS WHAT? The hunting industry knows darn well about it and uses it to produce more deer, that with the use of food plot, to really "boost" the deer population. They are so preoccupied with fawn birth to create  larger deer herd size and  their main interest in the buck fawns.

“By keeping the deer population below the carrying capacity of the available habitat, more forage (nutrition) is available per deer. Thus, does are healthier, reproductive success is higher and more does are able to carry two fawns. Ironically, this can result in a greater deer harvest each year. Depending on the relationship of the population and the carrying capacity, an „optimum sustained yield‟ can be achieved where a relatively high reproductive rate allows an abundant harvest each fall. With high-quality habitat and increased nutrition, the percentage ofdoe fawns that breed their first fall increases (sometimes up to 25 percent). Also, a higher percentage of yearling does produce two fawns instead of one. Because fawns are born at approximately a 1:1 sex ratio, more bucks may be born each year. Therefore, in some areas, you actually can increase the number of bucks born by shooting more does.”“Quality Deer Management: Guidelines for Implementation,” 6. Agricultural Extension Service, The University of Tennessee. (last accessed November 2008)

Also read


How Killing Female Deer at the Watchung Reservation Increased Birth Rates and Reproducti


Strieter-Lite® reflectors to dramatically reduce Deer Vehicle Accident

Strieter-Lite® reflectors to dramatically reduce Deer Vehicle Accident and other non-lethal way to co-exist with urban wildlife

The Problem

Every year deer-vehicle collisions take a huge toll in lives, money and time.

Last year there were: 1

    * An estimated actual 1,500,000 deer-vehicle collisions.
    * Over 110 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries.
    * Over $1.2 billion in property damage.
    * Escalating insurance premiums.
    * Increasing carcass removal costs.
    * Increasing accident investigation costs.

1. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

 In a report published in September, 2009, State Farm indicated that the deer-vehicle collision frequency across the United States has jumped 18% in the last five years!  To put it another way, one of these unfortunate encounters occurs every 26 seconds (although they are much more likely during the last three months of the year and in the early evening).  The average property damage cost of these incidents was $3,050, up 3.4 percent from a year ago.

The report includes a U.S. map showing the percentage increase in each state.  For example, California (22%), Oregon (9%), Washington (19%), Colorado (19%), Nebraska (54%), Iowa (17%), Minnesota (9%), Illinois (3%), Michigan (14%), New York (28%), North Carolina (33%), Florida (38%), Alabama (16%), Texas (33%).
But there is a solution . . .

From Cayuga Heights Website.

For example, there are roadside reflector technologies such as the Streiter-lite system, which uses reflected light from the headlights of oncoming cars to alert deer. This system has been installed in numerous locations around the world. Its effectiveness in reducing deer-vehicle collisions has been studied, showing results of 78-90% (see graph at right which shows accident rates before and after installation of reflectors).9

There is a Strieter-lite system installation in Owego, New York, just 30 miles South of Ithaca. According to the Owego traffic engineer, the reduction of deer-vehicle collisions has been high, nearly 100%.10 The cost of installing this system may also be reduced by federal grant support.11

Another promising technology, the Roadside Animal Detection System (RADS), takes a different approach. RADS uses radio sensors to detect large animals approaching a roadway. If an animal gets too near a road, the sensor activates a warning signal, alerting drivers to be cautious and slow down. One study in Switzerland found that such animal detection systems produced a reduction in collisions of up to 82 percent.12

Fencing is another proven alternative which can be used on its own or in combination with the options shown above. According to several studies, wildlife fencing, if used correctly, has the documented potential to reduce deer-vehicle collsions dramatically. One study in Banff, Alberta, for example, showed that fencings systems reduced collisions by 80%.13
There is also data suggesting that vehicle speed is correlated with the rate of deer-vehicle collisions, so more strict enforcement of the speed limit may be helpful. Community education programs that teach drivers how to drive more safely and avoid deer-vehicle collisions could further contribute to a reduction of collision risk.
Each of these alternatives to a bait and shoot program offers a documented potential to significantly reduce the risk of deer-vehicle collsions, and without negative side-effects, including the safety risks associated with the annual discharge of weapons in a densely settled community. Mayor Gilmore has spoken at a public meeting of allocating initial funding of $50,000 to a deer killing program. And as outside experts who have spoken at meetings have confirmed, a bait and shoot program is not a one-time solution, but rather a yearly endeavor.14 Thus, the public safety risks, the cost to tax payers, and the moral weight of killing human-habituated deer would continue to accrue year after year.
We can do better. Resources invested in sensible, nonviolent alternatives are a far better investment as they will provide immediate results, and will continue to offer value to the community for years to come.

Deer Contraception WORKS and IT WORKS WELL

According to Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, deer contraception expert, who explains the startling successes in deer contraception, its authorization for use and availability. Dr. Kirkpatrick is the founder and Director of the Science and
Conservation Center, Montana. He has worked with
contraception on 90 species of animals, including wild horses, several species of deer, African elephants and water buffalo .

For more information, please visit:

Wildlife Contraception Response to DNRE Supervisor

Humane Alternatives

Overall the hunting industry wants to ignore all humane solution to "deal" with deer because they want to continue to make the public believe that hunting is the "only" solution when in fact hunting is the problem.

Same with our bear

How to co-exist with bears peacefully and also there is a section on bear birth control ( wildlife contraception. )

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky a child did not open the door ............


Think for a moment, you child opens the door to get to school. The next thing you know you are in the emergency care unit or preparing for a funeral. Bowhunters are coming closer and closer to your homes. In NJ they in the past year narrowed the buffer zone to only 50 yards from their tree stand or how ever they hunt to your homes, numerous bowhunters uses crossbows too which is deadly but bowhunting in general can all be dangerous, like what happened to this one women recently, with her young grand daughter sitting next to her The next victim can be one of your family member unless everyone speak up for non lethal options. Here are some tips and here Bowhunters are heartless psychopath, (all Sport hunters are) and these humans finds joy in killing and torturing animals. To die drowning in ones own blood, or from an arrow wound to the liver, gut or anywhere in the body is torture and they know what they are doing, they know the animals suffer but do not care. They share their disgusting experience of killing on youtube or hunting forums with laughter and smily face emoticon.  A torture of an animal is a "fun" thing?  I can see back when there were only few markets, many lived by killing with shotguns for food and it was for sustenanace and survival.  Today don't be fooled with their "this is to stuff the freezer" BS, they all say that to take the focus off the fact that they just enjoy killing PERIOD!! And why use such barbaric weapon such as bows and arrow, a weapon of pain and suffering  which takes animals time to die as they wait or go home overnight to search the next day because for some animals it can take up to 4-12 hours to die and bowhunters can sleep soundly .  Why not *if* for food use a shotgun, it's quick and you can "stuff " as many dead carcass in the freezer along with the chicken breast, steak, pork chops etc.

Do you really believe anyone who have no empathy for the animals, as they do the high five, fist pumping, and finding extreme "heart pumping" exhilirating joy from the suffering of another living sentient being would care about human lives? NO, they could care less. There sure is a lot of hunting accidents, and many they find out later was no "accident" but murder.  Read Hunting and Human Abuse here .

It does not matter whether it's a yearling being killed who was hanging out with their siblings, or mother with young spotted fawn by her side or even killing a baby, yes a baby with spots.

 Is this the kind of wildlife serial killing monsters you want in your neighborhood? Do you have to live with fear that your child or pets, even yourself do not get hit by an arrow? They can even shoot at night for arrow are so quiet and many get away with it or just get a small fine. How about a nice walk in the park and walk into this I have walked into at least 5 dead deer during bowhunting season.


Stop the officially sanctioned, inhumane slaughter of deer in Fairfax county



Monday, March 12, 2012

Dog shot with arrow is "extreme cruelty" yet when done to deer it's "sports"

Please watch video

The women says "who can do something like that?" Does Sport hunting especially bowhunting comes to mind?


Then the newsman says "it's an extreme
case of animal cruelty that will make you cringe" "Disturbing. You know - why would somebody do that to an animal?", says Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter."

"One that has been treated as cruelly as this one certainly deserves a little bit more than what we normally do. Somebody needs to pay for this one way or another", says painter. What surprises me
is whether be dogs, cats, deer, elk, bear they all suffer and all feel the same pain and die a horrible death especially from a bow and arrow. The newsman says " Tonight she's mourning this dog's death and left fearful for her cats, horses and her own dogs"

I would too for bowhunters are psychopath and will shoot any living creatures, if off season they will find even your pets to shoot for "fun" or other little creatures of the forest. Bows and Arrow are
so quiet who would know?


You want psychos like this who such as in NJ can kill 50 yards from ones home, around your pets, you and especially the children? you will unless you fight for the right to use Non-Lethal options and says NO to lethal
Killing is not only cruel but it just continues to create more deer that is why in NJ and many heavily hunted state make every excuses not to use the IC deer birth control.

"I'm hoping whoever does this is caught because this can't continue", says Grant."

So long as they continue to use these bowhunting
psychopath or any sport hunting,  though in case of   bowhunting it's quiet so no one can hear, this will continue.

"Donations are being accepted at Medical Veterinary Service in Midland to cover the costs of surgery." of course, all these injuries and death the innocent people have to pay for medical expense even funeral cost, there is no strict penalty for the "Sportsman" even in case of humans being injured and killed during bowhunting or shotgun because it was only an "accident". There are so much corruption in the Hunting industry!!

The Reality of Bowhunting - The psychpath hunters all think it's "fun" to toture an innocent animals with such barbaric weapon of pain. Bowhunters know it takes a while for the animals to die that is why they wait MINIMUM of 30-45 min. before retrieving the deer, sometimes much longer 2 hours , 4, even overnight

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Abolish Bowhunting and end the brutality!!!

Stop the officially sanctioned, inhumane slaughter of deer in Fairfax county