Thursday, February 4, 2010

Craven, spineless sadists in action

[Editor's Note: This is what those cowardly fucks who administer Death Park aka Shawnee Mission Park are doing to our beloved, innocent, and sentient deer at the time of this posting--despite the fact that there is/was no longer a deer over-population problem. Craven, spineless sadists in action.]

Video and essay by Tia


A friend of mine wrote me an e-mail about a pregnant doe found in her friend’s property. She took her camera to video tape the blood trail of the poor suffered deer which went for almost a half a mile. The blood trail was on the road too, which shows how bow hunting can cause Deer Vehicle Accidents. She also traveled quite a distance trying to survive– maybe for the sake of her unborn. Please watch how bow hunted deer die every year by the millions thanks to the heartless disgusting bow hunters of America and throughout the world.

Here are some facts on the cruel and barbaric “sport” of bow hunting:

A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Bow hunting

It’s easy to see how bowshot deer can cause deer vehicle accidents.

Ethical” Hunter says “let the deer lay up and die”

As you will see in this video how hunters let the deer “lay up to die” which is what they do so the wounded deer won’t be spooked to run further. In the cases of big rack deer for trophy they will let the deer lay there to die no matter how long it takes and no matter how much suffering the deer is going thru so not to lose the trophy and will go to any extent to find the trophy buck unlike the does or the “antlerless” which can be button buck because “God forbid” you lose the buck deer to show off to other “bubba” how “important” you are that you destroyed life for the points on top of the head.

“Let the deer lay up and die”

“just a tough animal and refused to give up”

“just sit in the stand and wait until he believes the deer is dead. “

“Let nature take its course or your running the risk of losing your trophy whitetail deer”


I did enough research on my own to know there is no “30 second death.” Most take a whole lot longer than that and the facts come straight from the hunter’s mouth:

Bowhunter Magazine

An article entitled Bow Wounding Losses THE BIG MYTH by David Samuel states: It is disquieting to know that we probably wound one deer for every animal harvested. Samuel also states: The only reason I can think of is that bow hunting is difficult, more so than gun hunting. Some non-thinking bow hunters apparently feel its better to say that they at least hit a deer than admit they didn’t harvest one. That’s really dumb logic and every time someone says they wound a deer to anyone else, even a bow hunter friend, it gives the wrong message to anyone who is listening.