Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bowhunting of Elk outraged and shocked the public and bowhunters were not very happy

Bowhunters were not upset about the animal suffering because they know this is how bowhunted sentient being die. They are upset because the public has seen it with their own eyes how horrific the death is by an arrow and as you know bowhunters do their darnest to try and convince the public that bowhunted deer die a "quick death" and are "ethically harvested" as if the use of all those whitewash words are going to cover the truth. Truth needs to be shown and as horrible and sad their death was I am glad people saw it, I am glad photos was taken and was aired on the news. I did my share after a friend of mine Jason Miller told me about the Elk bowhunting and told me to go ASAP to grab the photos and put it into youtube and that is just what I did. The view counters went up very quickly and noticed that bowhunters has been talking about it too like I said not because of the concern for the suffering of the sentient animal but because the public saw and was disgusted by it and you know bowhunters reputation is already tarnished as is with so many other bowhunting incidents and the public are pretty much fed up with them.

Overall this is how millions of our wildlife dies in the forest and parks every year during bowhunting season. This is the pain and suffering the pro-kill Government put them thru so lowlife humans with the minds of serial killers can be "sportsman" and DNR can rake in their billions of dollars not to benefit the non-killing public but to benefit themselves by creating more land to use as a killing field and to propagate game animals to kill for recreation. As Anthony Marr said "We will never have a great Nation when our Nation is run by serial killers for fun".


Skagit County elk slaughter enrages readers

Fish and Wildlife need to step it up, do their job

The article on the elk slaughter near Concrete [“Trapping, killing of elk closes hunting,” NWWednesday, Dec. 29] highlights the mismanagement of our wildlife by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. This type of thing probably happens all too often, but this time it was captured on camera and in full view of the public.

The department said the bow-and-arrow wounding and slaughtering of the trapped elk was legal. If true, then we need new laws to prevent it.

Fish and Wildlife is responsible for the slaughter. In their never-ending quest to expand hunting opportunities, they relocated elk to the Skagit Valley. They then authorized this year’s hunt, after last year’s fiasco with muzzle-loader hunters.

According to the department’s own numbers, hunting mortality, including wounding loss and poaching, is by far the greatest source of elk mortality — 64 to 82 percent —of which poaching makes up 15 percent. This clearly defies the state mandate in RCW 77.04.012 to preserve, protect and perpetuate our state’s wildlife.

The hunters were unethical, but Fish and Wildlife should have never allowed the hunt in the first place. Then when it got really ugly, the agent should have stopped it.

— Diane Weinstein, Issaquah

State not as enlightened as I had thought

Wow. I moved up here from Texas and I keep thinking Washington in general — and the Seattle area in particular — is enlightened. I feel as if someone punched me in the stomach after reading this article.

What a disgusting spectacle of wanton cruelty that had nothing — nothing —to do with so-called sportsmanship. Seven animals were killed in circumstances resembling an appalling canned hunt, but what of those who were injured but managed to flee?

How long will it take them to die of blood loss and infection and exposure in the middle of winter? What of the female who was trailing loops of entrails?

How can this seem like an OK recreational activity to anyone? I am utterly sickened.

— Franziska M. Edwards, Seattle

Rethinking how we treat wild animals

The article “Bow hunters shoot elk in Wash. pasture” [Seattletimes...com, Local News, Dec. 29] mentioned that a few of the animals had arrows embedded in their hides and were bleeding, but were still upright and running.

Sadly, this is an example of how these animals really die. It’s never as clean-cut as hunters would have you believe. In some cases, it can take days.

This wasn’t a case of necessity, it never is.

Bill Johnson said he didn’t necessarily regret the kills, however, some were messy and caused undue pain to the animals. This doesn’t sound like fun.

Maybe we need to rethink how wild animals are treated, and consider that we have to place some of the blame on ourselves for creating these situations in the first place.

We simply cannot push these animals in the corner in order to satisfy our own population growth.


*A nation run by serial killers

“Let’s brush aside all the fluff and window- dressing and BS and get down to the bare bones, shall we? The cold hard fact of the matter is that not only are the vast majority of politicians under the thumbs of powerful serial killers, but are themselves serial killers. I am talking about recreational hunters and trophy hunters. The fact that their victims are non-human does not alter the fact that they have no compassion, revel in bloodshed, derive pleasure from another being’s suffering, and practice serial killing as a form of entertainment. A nation run by serial fun-killers cannot be great.” Anthony Marr


Watch the videos which I put together by visiting sports hunters and bowhunters forums and by viewing countless hunting snuff videos. I have yet to see a bowhunters concern with the suffering death of the sentient beings they kill for sports and trophy

The "bowshot deer dies in 30 seconds" lie of heartless bowhunters. click here

"Once the paunch (stomach) is ruptured, semi digested food and stomach bacteria enter the body cavity. This mmakes the deer sick and it will eventually lay down where it will expire after a long time. These are reasons why one should wait a minimum of 8 hours before attempting to track a gut shot deer."

"A liver-shot deer: The blood trail will be decent to follow and the deer should bed down and die within 200 yards, if not pushed. A one-hour wait is best."

"Good things come to those who wait, Every hunter knows that you need to wait after the shot. This allows the animal time to walk off, lie down, and die. Or , if it's not hit mortally, to bed down and stiffen up"

"If the deer is dead in an hour, he will still be dead in 4 hours. Have patiene, he will not go anywhere. Wait him out for at least 4 hours. Wait overnight if the deer is shot in the evening"

"Ethical" Hunter says "let the deer lay up and die"click here for more heartless comments by sports hunters.

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