Monday, December 3, 2012

Hunters Excuses "If we don't kill them they'll starve to death"

How to refute hunters BS. The "if we don't kill them they'll starve to death"

If I had a dime for every "they'll starve to death" I be a billionair.  First of all I don't see any DNR selling tags to kill the "starving and sickly deer" do you?  Every hunters wants the healthy with the big rack to compensate for their shortcomings so there is no "starving deer" in any hunting photos I have seen yet. Plus how do they know which deer will "starve to death" when they shoot them and also who is killing the deer's natual predators such as coyotes and wolves? That's right the hunters, the more killing done to "varmints"  the better because they will reduce the deer numbers *naturally* which the hunters do not want.  Coyotes and wolves goes  after the sickly to keep the strong yes they go after babies too and it's sad but that is part ot the nature way to keep healthy eco- balance not bunch of "sportsman" killing animals for shere pleasure even the babies, yearlings, pregnant does and of course the beautiful buck.

As millions of hunters heads into the woods the deer become very stressed  which causes them to be unable to eat, the hunters causes the animal family to separate which  means the yearling will lose the warmth of their mother or the matriarchs if the yearling lost their mother from hunters.  Hunters especially bowhunters leave thousands wounded and crippled unable to eat  now talk about "starvation" and also dying from pain and suffering.  In Wisconsin 08 Season 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered by hunters according to their Game Commission.  It was not only on this article from Associated Press but on another one but lets say the number *maybe* was miscalculated and it is actually 6,000 or even 600, or 60 that is still way too many deer suffered for hunters sick pleasure.

(Read last line)

In America they do love their food plots and with all the food plots and hunters propagating deer for hunting pleasure via Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE)  there will always be abundance of deer and many deer will run from terrors of hunting to seek refuge and that is why you will find deer in area that has no hunting then they blame because there was no hunting blahblahblah.  Deer numbers are here because of hunters that is the most important thing people must remember, hunters kills off the healthiest of the deer /elk, hunters stresses the deer, hunters leaves thousands wounded and crippled to die after days unable to eat.

Watch this video I did a while back ago.

Deer Hunting Increases the Rate Of Deer Starvation

Lastly starvation  is a natural part of life and death in the wild just as diseases and death are for humans.   I also  forgot to mention that the body size of whitetails has gotten smaller because of hunting (not the rack obviously they work hard to make sure rack will be huge) and also certain species of bear body size has gotten smaller "thanks" to hunters. Twice I saw a video where the hunter shot a buck because the antler was not right (bad genes) not because of sickly or thin and even Killed the older buck because they feel they are no more use for mating. Yeah that is how much they "care" for the starving.!

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