Monday, December 3, 2012

Hunters Excuse - "Conservation"

How to refute with a hunter Part 1 "Conservation"

   1. Hunters idea of "conservation" is to ensure enough "game" animal for future generations of killing for sports and trophy from birds to big "game" animals with the use of food plots,

manipulating deer habitat and of course using Compensatory Rebound Effect which the hunting industry knows very well about that is how they ensure enough deer to satisfy "sportsman" across America. . They tell the public money goes to land for "all" to enjoy but what they do not know is that same land that non killers are photographing nature will be the same land that will be used as a killing field for "sportsman" and the beautiful photograph of a buck deer, Elk, Moose etc will be killed and probably won't see them again instead it will be on some hunters wall or in a photograph with a dead animal on the ground gray in the eyes, blood in the mouth posed with the hunter sitting or standing by with smiles on his face that he was able to "conquer" such magnificent creature.

Here is more about "Conservation" which is an important read.

 Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound management


The Myth of Trophy Hunting
as Conservation

Wildlife Watching:
An Economic Boon to Communities

Eco-tourism is what brings the money but the hunting industry rarely mentions that because the NRA and the pro-kill Government wants the public to continue believing it's the "sportsman" who brings money. Then they say how they "boost" the economy yet with such small percentage of killers in America I would believe that is a bit of an exaggeration. Imagine how much money can be made by eco-tourism, bird watching, nature photography where MAJORITY of the population will enjoy but many do not want to get involved because of hunting that does takes place. "Sportsman" or American are only 4% of the American population but the reason they continue to "win" is the support of power and money (guns and political people who too have interest in hunting) which they get money from all the hunting propaganda. They do love their euphemism such as "conservation", "wildlife management", "love and respect nature". Psychopaths too were good with being the "nice" people but behind the facade lies a soulless monster.

Also how is "conservation" of land doing the non-killing public any good if we can' even feel safe in the woods during the fall. There is no peace in there just death and destruction as millions of hunters heads out into the forest blasting their guns, crossbows and bows and arrows to KILL.

Overall "Conservation" is just a euphemism , another name for propagating "game" animals for "sportsman" to kill not only for today but for the future. There is nothing "beautiful" about terror, pain, suffering, bloodshed and death to the innocent because that is what hunters love to show on their videos and websites about "conservation". I wonder what it would look like if they showed what really happens to the animals they "conserve" . One last thing I forgot to mention many popular "wildlife group" hooking up with the hunters (easy money , quick fix and brainwashed to think if you kill some you will have plenty of animals for "all" to enjoy which we know is a farce). Organization such as Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, and of course Audubon.

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