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Hunters Excuse- "They will spread diseases and we must control them"

First of all CWD the most serious of all disease were first spread by Elk and Deer farming when hunters were feeding rendered animals to grow large rack and because of hunting with their baiting and supplement feeding it continued to spread today though they banned feeding rendered animals they still supplement feed deer or bait when the deer congregates and that is how it's spread.. (although with the hunting public who knows if they still feed rendered animals)

"As you can see by reading this article [below] in this afternoon's Capital Times of Madison, word is slowly leaking out about what has apparently been a massive decade-long feeding of "supplements" (including meat and bone meal as mineral and protein) to wild deer in the heart of the "kill zone," the area of the WI Chronic Wasting Disease outbreak.

Apparently no one in the CWD research community has ever investigated the possibility that CWD may be spreading via rendered feed (mineral, fat and protein supplements), as happened in Britain with mad cow disease. This needs to be investigated immediately as a possible third means of infection for CWD, along with suspected animal-to-animal transmission and environmental contamination.

As you can see from the excerpts of two books below on feeding wild deer, there has been a huge push over the past 10-15 years of supplemental feeding of both game farmed elk and deer and wild deer to grow bigger animals with huge-boned antlers. "

Bovine TB is another disease that can kill human and animals and it's spread by supplement feeding and baiting

same as CWD. Bovine TB is found in Michigan and spreading . They believe killing will "eliminate" the diseases but in Wisconsin they have killed thousands of deer since 2002 and CWD is still prevalent. The main cause of spread is hunters supplement feeding and baiting deer and Elk although they are "prohibiting" baiting and supplement feeding certain areas are still allowed in "Non-CWD Zone" in  Wisconsin and in private land.  Also when they gut the deer and leave the gut pile what other animals could be consuming a diseased deer?

CWD is now in 14 states plus 2 Canadian Province
Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York (only from CWD containment area), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia (only from Hampshire County), Wisconsin and Wyoming; as well as the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Overall it's not just CWD but other wildlife diseases which hunting can worsen the epidemic

Hunting Can Increase The Severity Of Wildlife Disease Epidemics

"One reason the policies failed, Choisy and Rohani said, is that they didn’t take into account an ecological principle known as compensation. When a portion of the animal population is reduced, those that survive are left with more resources such as food and shelter. As a result of the newly plentiful resources, the death rate decreases and the birth rate increases, compensating – and sometimes overcompensating – for the loss.

(Here you can see Compensatory Rebound Effect at work)

Killing wild animals can also increase the proportion of the population that’s susceptible to disease by removing those individuals who have contracted a virus but have developed lifelong immunity as a result of their infection.

The effect can be so dramatic that in some cases hunting can increase not only the proportion of infections and deaths, but also the absolute numbers. For example, their model shows that in the case of swine fever, a highly infectious disease threatening boars and pigs in Europe, hunting can increase the number of infected individuals by twenty five percent.

If we want to preserve the hunted population, we should be careful about when we schedule the hunting season compared to birth season because if it’s too early or late, it can drive the population to extinction,” "

Hunters still seem to make excuses why it's "ok" for them to supplement feed deer (read my blogger)

Wisconsin DNR is still allowing supplement feeding if the hunter pays more money and so long as you have sports hunting they will bait even if it's against the law in CWD zone.

In Wisconsin CWD are spreading yet there is still baiting deer and DNR is actually letting them with an extra charge. Why would they even do that if that is how CWD is spread? Ridiculous but not surprised at all!. As you read the article they also want to continue to supplement feed the deer for fear of deer numbers fa...lling (and ...all this time I thought hunting is about deer herd reduction) .

"I see people loading trucks with corn, carrots and sugar beets around my home in Grayling, and a friend called to say bait is widely sold even at the heart of the CWD management zone in Kent County.

It will be even harder to get Upper Peninsula hunters to accept a ban, because deer numbers there are below targets set by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. And without supplemental winter feeding the population will drop even more.

The DNRE could charge $20-$30 for a license that lets people use small amounts of bait at a time or materials like salt licks and attractor blocks. Purchasing that license would acknowledge that the DNRE has the right to come onto a hunter's property to check the bait pile."

Supplement Feeding can spread CWD yet hunters do it and supports it - WHY? cl

175 deer test positive for cwd in wisconsin

Overall it's the sports hunting industry that will eventually bring deer to extinction from wildlife disease epidemic with their supplement feeding and baiting


Lastly deer trafficking is very common so with hunters wanting their big rack deer the disease will continue to worsen in that way too.

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