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Are hunting industry deliberately producing deer for recreational hunting? plus what is "Compensatory Rebound Effect"??


If hunting is about "reduction" why then in "deer management" websites so much emphasis is put on food plots and PRODUCTION of fawns preferably the males? Here are some example of what I mean and please read carefully.

"The number of new deer added to the pre-hunt population is a function of the number of fawns born and their survival until until the fall. The number of fawns born is primarily determined by the number of does, but the survival of fawns, however, is mostly dependent upon the physical condition of does, although predation is certainly a factor is some situations. A large number of does that are nutritionally stressed will not raise as many fawns to be added to the fall population as a lesser number of healthy does." Deer Hunting and Management TX

"Thus, late fall up to early winter is very important for deer herd managers to impact and influence fawn production, so make sure the plant communities on your property is properly managed deer habitat. " Deer Hunting and Management TX

"Some people disagree with shooting antlerless deer; they reason that protecting them -- thus maintaining a maximum breeding base -- will assure large numbers of antlered bucks because terrific numbers of deer will be born each year and button bucks wouldn't be harvested. "PA. Game Commission

"Historically in all states, including West Virginia, hunting regulation have been restrictive during the period of deer restoration with mainly short buck-only season to protect does and encourage deer population growth. As deer becomes more abundant, more liberal hunting regulations including antlerless harvest are required to limit population growth." Fundamentals of Deer Management W. VA.

" Fawn crop is often density dependent. Generally, as doe numbers increase, fawn production per doe decreases. Fewer does can and often do raise more fawns to weaning age than more abundant does." QDM

Doesn't sound like reduction there does it? Continue...

"Deer managers agree that supplemental feeding, whether it be protein pellets, whole cotton seed, or some other type of high-protein food, really helps local deer populations." Deer Management TX

"Managing for proper nutrition in white-tailed deer is important for good body condition, good fawn production and recruitment, and maximum antler growth. Good nutrition can be accomplished by doing three things that involve proper habitat management, supplemental feeding, and the planting of food plots." Deer Managemetn TX

What is the definition of "recruit"?

1. to raise or strengthen (an army, navy, deer herd) by enlisting personnel (in this case, fawns)

3. to enlist (new members), as for a party or organization (or deer to kill for sports)

2. to increase or maintain by supplying anew; replenish (which of course is deer, preferably bucks)




more statements about "adding" deer.

P.129 "With supplemental feeding, it becomes very easy to maitain artificialy high deer densities and still obtain adequate results in terms of antler and body growth." Producing Quality Whitetails Revised Edition
Al Brothers and Murphy E. Ray, Jr. Edited by Charly McTee

" Thus, does are healthier, reproductive
success is higher and more does are able to carry two fawns. Ironically, this can result in a greater deer harvest each year." Quality Deer Management

"With high quality habitat and increased nutrition, the percentage of doe fawns that breed their first fall increases (sometimes up to 25 percent).. Also, a higher percentage of yearling does produce two fawns instead of one." Quality Deer Management


"Because fawns are born at approximately a 1:1 sex ratio, more bucks maybe born each year. Therefore, in some areas, you actually can increase the number of bucks born by shooting more does." Quality Deer Management

"Other habitat management practices that can improve the quantity and quality of forage available to deer (thus increasing carrying capacity)" Quality Deer Management

Create more land to plant food plots thus more deer you can hold on that area.

"We strive to maintain a deer herd that each year that can provide quality sport to more than a million hunters." PA Deer FAQ


"Let's assume that 75 percent of a whitetail's daily food consumption consists of prime agricultural crops, the other 25 percent of native browse. Such heavy utilization of food plots isn't theoretical; at North American Whitetail's Fort Perry Plantation in Georgia, agricultural crops make up 80 percent of the herd's annual diet. And under management, the deer density increased to more than five times that of natural carrying capacity - even as the health of the natural habitat steadily improved. Here's the key to why whitetails do so well when provided with the right food plots:" North American Whitetails

"If you're not providing the local herd with enough of the right groceries for maximum antler and body size, as well as high fawn survival, you're not enjoying the full benefits of sound management." North American Whitetails

"Varmints, specifically coyotes, are the biggest threats to fawn recruitment on most land throughout the United States. "Deer Management TX


(graphic came from TX Deer Management website)

It's bad enough hunting public wants to create land to kill but they want to "team up" with farmers and even land owners.


"Last year we planted a total of 6 food plots from soybean (biologic) to fall foliage. We also had a local farmer plant 26 acres of field corn and another 2 acres of sweet corn. Again we saw positive effects of what can happen when quality food plots are planted and knowing the PH and how much fertilizer to use." The New York Hunters.

"If you are fortunate enough to have permission to hunt on someone else's private property; ask permission to establish a whitetail deer food plot and tell the owner of that hunting land exactly what you want and plan to do. If the hunting land owner is a farmer, you may even get some help with the site preparation and use of equipment. "

Is this the reason why Dept Of Natural Resources (DNR) and hunters rejects deer birth control? And the reason why the most heavily hunted states always have too many deer thus high Deer Vehicle Accidents?

Deer will also seek refuge to other possibly non-hunting areas from gunshots and hunters terrorizing the forest meaning with hunting you will wonder why you see more deer in your area then you did before, that's because the deer are trying to find peace for themselves and their families from wildlife terrorists.

Now you know that the intention of the hunting organization is to produce deer to where there is enough to satisfy their sick bloodlust year after year and good blood money for the pro-kill government to create more killing fields as human also die from DVA's.

Let's not forget "Compensatory rebound effect" which most hunters know and obviously DNR knows and use it to their advantage.

"Culling"/hunting does not work. It is more than neutralized by a natural phenomenon called the "Compensatory Rebound Effect". When food become scarce, deer would naturally curtail their reproductive rate down to no fawn or single fawn. When food is plentiful, their reproductive rate would increase to twins and triplets. The ideal is a marginal "over-population" so that the reproductive rate is kept low and the population remains stable in the long term. If a significant portion of the population is culled to below carrying capacity, what is accomplished is the raising of the reproductive rate to the point when the next year WILL show a higher "overpopulation" (Which the hunting organization knows about and use that to their advantage)"

"Take a piece of land with a carry capacity of, say 8 does. If it contains 10 does, their total fawn crop would be around 3 fawns, totaling 13 deer at the end of the year. Whereas, if the 10 does were reduced to 5 by culling, the remaining 5 does would produce around 8 fawns in total, resulting again in 13 deer at the end of the year. This is called the Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE). The hunters know this, but the public does not, thus allowing the hunters to have their self-perpetuating way." Anthony Marr

What is reproductive rebound?
"Reproductive rebound is a well documented population dynamic in deer and other mammals. Deer conceive multiple embryos but the number of fawns actually born is determined by a number of complex factors including nutrition and herd density. With competition for food reduced by a sudden drop in herd numbers, younger fawns will breed and females will give birth to twins and triplets instead of single fawns.
In its 1990 report, "An Assessment of Deer Hunting in New Jersey," New Jersey Fish and Game offered a detailed example of this process. Its report shows that even during hunting seasons in which killing female deer was the objective (antlerless seasons), the remaining females had increased birthrates that not only replaced the ones killed, but increased the overall size of the herd. " PZP FAQ's

"One reason the policies failed, Choisy and Rohani said, is that they didn’t take into account an ecological principle known as compensation. When a portion of the animal population is reduced, those that survive are left with more resources such as food and shelter. As a result of the newly plentiful resources, the death rate decreases and the birth rate increases, compensating – and sometimes overcompensating – for the loss. Hunting Can Increase The Severity Of Wildlife Disease Epidemics"

DNR knows about CRE and use it to their advantage for more fawn birth thus larger deer herd size and you can see their main interest in the buck fawns.

“By keeping the deer population below the carrying capacity of the available habitat, more forage (nutrition) is available per deer. Thus, does are healthier, reproductive success is higher and more does are able to carry two fawns. Ironically, this can result in a greater deer harvest each year. Depending on the relationship of the population and the carrying capacity, an „optimum sustained yield‟ can be achieved where a relatively high reproductive rate allows an abundant harvest each fall. With high-quality habitat and increased nutrition, the percentage of
doe fawns that breed their first fall increases (sometimes up to 25 percent). Also, a higher percentage of yearling does produce two fawns instead of one. Because fawns are born at approximately a 1:1 sex ratio, more bucks may be born each year. Therefore, in some areas, you actually can increase the number of bucks born by shooting more does.” “Quality Deer Management: Guidelines for Implementation,” 6. Agricultural Extension Service, The University of Tennessee. (last accessed November 2008)

"Some people disagree with shooting antlerless deer; they reasn that protecting them -- thus maintaining a maximum breeding base -- will assure large number of antlered bucks because terrific numbers of deer will be born each year and button bucks wouldn't be harvested. But bear in mind, a smaller herd in balance with its habitat can produce as many fawns as an oversized herd on poor range. Does have fewer young when habitat quality is lacking" PA Game Commission

Read more about Compensatory Rebound Effect here


  1. Great pictures man thanks for sharing. The photograph with the gun is real or not?

  2. Deer hunting is deplorable. Shoot the hunters instead.

  3. If u didnt get your food from a store where would u get it. In the Woods. I hunt and I am proud of it. My son will like it to. All you anti-animal hug a tree. Do u know trees are a living organism
    to. But we cut down trees for every thing. so
    if you live in a house, u killed to. Hey i trophy
    hunt and i eat the dead animal too. And alot of hunters donate the meat to needy families that can't buy food. god put animals on the earth for us to use. u non-hunters ever hit a deer with your car? and u left it their on the side of the road.Well u killed. Did u know more cars kill animals than hunters a year. So why dont we put a ban on vehicles!!!!! Truth hurts u anti-hunters look it up!!!!!!!!

  4. All that "donate meat to the hungry" that is because YOU ENJOY SERIAL KILLING WILDLIFE so there is extra body to dump. These animals killed and dumped are not USDA inspected and can carry all kinds of wildlife diseases including CWD (Prions), blue tongue, bovine TB, parasites and even pesticides. I am sure you get your breakfast at 7-11 of eggs and coffee before you do out and destroy life and if you kill in the early evening you have a supper of burger and fries, so spare me your "meat in the freezer" crap that is all too common with wildlife terrorists. YOU KILL BECAUSE YOU ENJOY CAUSING PAIN AND SUFFERING TO INNOCENT CREATURES OF GOD.

    "god put animals on the earth for us to use."

    Read because God did not put animals on this earth for your to destroy for self gratification and sports. Your "God" is SATAN.

  5. Is it that much better to have the slaughterhouse shoot your cow in the head or electrocute your chicken that you had for dinner? If I was an animal I would much rather live free and die by a hunter than be penned up and have every aspect of my life controlled by a farmer whose goal is to maximize profit. Look up commercial farming practices. Just because you choose to hide from that inconvenient truth and have someone else do the actual killing of an animal for your benefit does not put you on a moral high ground.

  6. Comments without logic such as having to get your food in the woods defy logic since the only food in woods is maybe mushrooms, acorns & animals, our main food is primarily cultivated. And comparing a tree (though it is a living organism) to a mammal like ourselves, defies logic. Also, between the cost of a license & all the equipment & time used in order to donate to the needy, doesn't make logical economic sense.

    Also the whole article is about the hunting industry producing an excess of deer which is the primary reason for excessive deer/car collisions, it would be more logical to ban artificial deer production than autos. As for laying any of this onto God, Mr Birros' personal religious beliefs are not relative here.

    The other commentor wants to talk about slaughterhouse animals with the assumption that all of us eat them, but this is about hunting, not about slaughterhouse crimes against animals. That's a whole other subject.

  7. Thank you to the last Anonymous but that is the tactic used by sports hunters which is to change the subject being that he had no answer to why the hunting industry is producing deer for recreational hunting.

    I guess he must have missed this post about slaughterhouse excuses used by psychopath sports hunters.

  8. You suck. What a ridiculous website. I hate myself for even wasting the time to read half this stuff.

    I bet while your smug little blog has been running you are sitting on your leather couch eating chicken wings. Or fish sticks. Or eggs at breakfast.

    Won't waste any more time. Long story short. You suck.

  9. Awww how "hurt" I am, and I am on a plant based diet I don't need meat being that humans are herbivore/frugivore animal besides, what you all do is not about "food" but for sports and trophy.

  10. Ufortunately, your one sided opinion has clouded your sense of humanity and reasoning. The goal of most wildlife agencies is to have a balanced ecosystem by controling the deer population with hunting and then keeping the herd healthy with proper nutrition that will reduce the chance of diseases such as Bovine TB.
    Look at the state of Michigan who strictly controlled deer hunting for decades while ignoring QDMA practices. They now have the largest outbreak of Bovine TB ever recorded in the wild deer population. It was all caused by the overcrowding of deer feeding in the same area due to poor habitat and spreading it through saliva. It has been said that a large influx of non-hunters into the infected area, feeding the deer for pleasure might have a hand in the outbreak.
    When states do not manage their deer herd properly through hunting and supplemental nutrition diseases will run rampant. I guess you don't care about animals dying a painful, horrifying death that takes weeks or maybe even months. All you care about is making everyone think and act like you, Hmm, that sounds familiar, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, Hitler started doing that around 1939!

  11. Wow you need some help. Oh and I assume you are the chicken shit that has the "Ugly Truth" Facebook page? What a fucking joke. Debate? You block anyone that has a different opinion than yours. You are a fucking coward. Go see a psychologist.

  12. You should really go see a therapist about your daddy issues - let me guess did your daddy hit your mommy? Well get over it! . ..and by the way, if hunters really were psychopaths you would be riddled with bullets by now.

  13. Lets have a poll!

    What is more cowardly?

    A Facing a wild animal alnoe on it's own terf


    B Making nasty comments on Facebook about somebody then blocking them so they cannot reply all while proffesing to having a page dedicated to open debate?

    What are you afraid of? Just that I can refute any scientific, philosophical or religous point you make?

  14. Oh I am sorry (sarcastically) I did not respond to you because I am way too busy SAVING wildlife as your kind are causing pain, suffering and death for amusment. As you know QDM only purpose is to help the psychopaths "sportsman" to have large number of deer specifically the big rack males. You know hunting can increase wildlife disease epidemic and being that Michigan is such a huge hunting state you can bet your dollar that ever hunter is supplement feeding the deer and baiting them. That is what's causing the spread and also the spread of CWD which is now in 14 States and 2 Candadian Provinces. It will continue to spread from state to state because of sport hunting and soon hunters will bring deer to excitnction and at the same time many Venison eaters mostly the ones at the pantries for they are the ones who ends up with the carcass. Why would "sportsman" want to eat something that can kill them right?

    The only thing the State Wildlife Agencies are worried about is to "manage" deer for hunting opportunities. They care nothing how many deer are left wounded and crippled from hunting. Look at Wisconsin in 08 season, 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered by hunters and that came straight from the Game Commission of Wisconsins mouth. If you like I can put the link to that article which I saved.

    Hitler is your people, he killed innocent lives because if made him feel "power" and he was a psychopath.

  15. That is not my page but I love it, just as I love C.A.S.H so many great information but he did come to me to learn. I am still educating people and that is why I came to stop in here to get a few thing. Now do you mind I save God's creatures, I know you are itching to kill cats and dogs because the killing season is not here yet. You are all pscyhos with nothing better to do but cry like babies because you feel you should have the "right" to cause pain and suffering for your amusement and that no one should step up for the innocent.

    One day it will come to you. You will then feel what it's like to be on the other end and forgive me God, but I do hope you suffer immensely as you did to the innocent animals. Karma is REAL.

  16. "Afraid" lol. Your kind do not even bother to read anything, no past comments because everything been refuted about a thousand times over. You think after doing this for almost 5 years I have not heard the same lame excuses. I am too busy to be responding to the same of BS of your disgusting kind. You may be killing now, but when judgment day comes......:) It will be hot down there make sure to bring a cup of ice tea.


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