Monday, February 28, 2011

Bowhunter spineshot a Calf Elk and while being shot with 3 arrow he cries for his mother

Quote I found on bowhunting forum

"I had a buddy that spined a calf elk. Shots where we go are few and far between so he only carried 3 arrows for a morning hunt. First one was a spine. On the second the shot the calf lurched and it ended up grazing it's neck. He moved in to ten yards and tried to put the final arrow in his chest as... the calf rolled onto it's back but ended up a bit back and hit the liver. The entire time the calf was calling for its mother who remained 40 yards away not wanting to leave. He had two choices. Let it slowly die calling to its mother, or use a knife. He did the humane thing and took out his knife. Not the ideal situation for his first wlk with a bow but using a knife in this case was the human thing to do"

This deer after being hit in the 3 times still did not die and finally took the 4th one and all the while they were cheering and high fiving click here.

Can you believe the horror of the baby elk and he thinks after 3 arrows and didn't die as he called for his mother he finally went down being that he was out of arrow to kill with a knife. That is why bows and arrow are the most barbaric weapon to use and I have another video of a deer spine shot and it took finally the 4th arrow for the deer to die. Such a horror and this is how millions of deer and elk shot with an arrow die, a slow painful death. The bowhunters if he is really into "human" would never kill with such a barbaric weapon of pain like the bow and arrow. All bunch of phonies and during this back and forth on the forum I see nothing of remorse, guilt or sadness. When I read it I felt not only tears for the baby crying for mom and mom wanting to go after her child but pure anger for the bowhunters. That is how they all are and why I despise them to the core of my bones. PSYCHOPATH SERIAL KILLERS is the name for them all!

Quidk kill hunring act
Abiosh hunting and end the trualtU


Only Soulless humans can kill with a bow and arrow Part 3 Compilation

Imagine an end to lethal deer "culling" - YES WE CAN DO IT! EDUCATE YOURSELF AND SPEAK UP!