Monday, December 3, 2012

Hunters excuse #6 - "Have you seen how animals die in slaughterhouse? It's more humane to hunt free deer"

I believe even though today's  recreational hunting has got nothing to do with food we should all strive to go vegan if we are going to go out and defend our wildlife, seals, whales, cats or dogs.   It's a compassionate choice we do have today and there is no more  excuse for you can't love and care for cats , dogs, seal  or deer yet eat the body of a cow,pigs, chicken or even have dairy for all animals suffer and NO animals do not want to die.  Now  Of course most  of us know what goes on at the slaughterhouse and in slaughterhouse it's a horrible hell for the animals .  Many are trying to go for the "humane" meat though I don't believe in that lie for no animals wants to die and in the end all death is horrific but that does not mean the animals in the wild by the billions do not suffer for SPORTS and TROPHY or what ever sick thrills one  get out of killing innocent sentient beings.  It only takes a mind of a soulless humans to want to literally  go into the homes of the animals and kill  for the shear  fun of it. As far as the slaughterhouse and meat eating,  today many are also going vegetarian and transition into  veganism for we are all learning that animals are sentient beings that do want to live, they have their life, their families, their babies, group bonding and look at the deer with their Matriarch, when one dies another take over. That is a sentient beings.

We know that today's sport hunting has got nothing to do with "food",  *some* may "eat" the "back ribs" or "beef jerky" (pathetic) as the rest of the body is either dumped to the forest ground, the land fill or "give" the unsavory part to the pantries to poison them with non USDA meat that hunters "inspect" themselves.  HUNTERS LOVE THE "MEAT IN FREEZER" EXCUSE I hear it all the time as if that takes the focus off their horrific cruelty done in the name of sports and trophy.  It's like their crutch same as how they use poachers as a scapegoat the hunting industry and hunters know their lies for lies and hunters and synonymous.

The  WORST PART IS in the forest recreational hunters can do WHAT EVER THEY WISH because sports hunting is nothing more then legalized animal cruelty.

(deer tortured)

(deer was tortured)

  No one hear their cries, no one sees the animals  suffocating in their own blood or taking hours to die.  No one sees how many cruel humans enjoy watching animals suffer  as they spine hit the deer even fawns with spots and then they cheer  and the bowhunters doing  the "smack down"   There are many  humans are out there who enjoy causing cruelty to animals.  They know that all they have to do is to get a hunting license and call yourself a "sportsman" or "outdoorsman" and you can cause any pain and suffering you want  It's all legalized animal cruelty, bowhunting in itself is immense cruelty  so the DNR and other state wildlife killing Agencies  (DNR, Fish and Games etc)  could give a damn what you all do, let the animals suffer and die a slow death isn't that right? BUT, NOW Lucky for us now we have bunch of morons who upload their sadism onto youtube which is  a haven for monsters who like to feel "important" by destroying life as they video tape soon after the shot with all that whooping for joy as the  animals run after arrow hit to lay up and die  and the hunters wait the recommended 30-45 minutes sometimes up to 4 hours even 12 hours or longer .  In the forest there is no anti-cruelty law, in the forest the "sportsman" can do whatever they wish and the worst part now is that bowhunting is becoming more popular even the shotgun hunters are taking up the sadist "sports" for the soulless psychopathic humans. 

How many deer and other "game" animals are left wounded and crippled to die after days of suffering all for the sake of sports and trophy . ? In my other post I showed you a graphic in Wisconsin  08's deer killing season, 68,000 wounded deer were not recovered by hunters now how about the other states? How many do they leave behind in the forest ground or in rivers and streams dumped as if they were "nothing"

We know today's recreational hunters goes to their 7-11 for their egg and bacon sandwich and coffee

for their early morning kill or late afternoon at Wendy's for their "let the deer layup and die" lunch  and their fridge is stocked with chicken, pork, steak, rib eyes, dairy and other market bought food.  Recreational hunters  are not killing  out of survival or sustenance they  are killing for sports while they  drive their ATV, have their  fancy killing gear , face painted like they  are in a "war zone" to murder  bambies.  So "sportsman" cause pain and suffering indirectly in the slaughterhouse for food and in the home of the animals for "fun" .

Slaughterhouse is evil and horrendous  and sports hunting is just the same but I say this again,  with *SPORTS* Hunting (Killing) THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF CRUELTY  THAT CAN BE INFLICTED ON THE ANIMALS IN THEIR OWN HOME-  Only small percentage of those  hunting is for sustenance the rest is for shear pleasure of killing call them "sportsman", "outdoorsman", "conservationist", for us they are simply wildlife killing  PSYCHOPATHS!


Lastly, let's all strive to be on a plant based diet, it's really sounds hypocritical to fight for one sentient beings while eating another even though fighting against sports hunting is not about Veganism.

Because with hunters they cause indirect pain and suffering to innocent sentient beings for food and direct deliberate pain and suffering on an innocent sentient being for sports and trophy

("to be with family", "to be close to nature" is just another way of saying "I just love to kill")

*Just to let you know that "16%" is not sustenance hunters or survival those are people who kills to eat the "back ribs" or "deer jerky" sustenance hunters and survival only makes up about .001% of the population.


Body Count - ANIMALS KILLED ANNUALLY By Sportsman/Hunters

Does this looks like they do not contribute to slaughterhouse suffering too?

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