Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bowhunters will kill your dogs and cats even with tags on.

Bowhunter at a forum writes "I wonder where those 93 confirmed ....ahh ommmp I mean 03 sweet little kittys went from around my house (added a smiley). They will also shoot dog if they feel the dog is "interfering with their hunt" as you know according to DNR (Division of Nature Rapers) the woods belong to the killers in the all and even if they shoot tagged dogs they turn blind eyes to it and corrupted officials will protect the hellbound bowhunters. Gee they can even kill innocent human and get away with it by saying 'oops I though he/she was a deer".

Pitbull shot by arrow click here

Cat shot in head with arrow, survives click here

Someone shot my cat with an arrow click here

Bowhunters shooting deer shoots 2 dogs, one lives the other feared dead. click here

Whitesox player pitches in to help save dog hit with arrow click here

Dog shot from tree stand with arrow clck here and click here

Little dog named victor shot by an arrow click here

Oakland county cat shot with an arrow click here

Dog shot with arrow in Okotoks Alta. click here

Family dog shot with a bow and arrow click here

Arrow hit dogs face almost died click here

In honor of dog named Miles killed by bowhunter Oct 19 09
click here


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