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Bowhunters says "Rage is like hitting a deer with an ax"

Reading about "rage" broadheads from other bowhunters is very disturbing not only only the savagery of this arrow but the inconsistency of the results and how the animals are nothing more then objects to "slice and dice". I hear how it does not "pass thru" because it hits a bone, break a rib, it "snaps off" some says it leaves such a large hole that even if the deer did not bleed to death they died from the guts coming out. The video is very graphic and is of a doe being hit by a rage and she is bawling and crying as the bowhunters continue to laugh and video tape. Below are some of bowhunters comments on "rage" broadheads that I found on their forum notice there is not one single concern for the animal suffering instead their concern is finding the deer especially if it's a trophy deer

"Shot a doe tonight with a 2 blade rage at 25 yards quatering away. She ran maybe 15 yards before crashing. It was not a pass threw, but it did its job. I think it broke 5 or 6 ribs on the way in. "darrink


"Broke a few ribs also. I hope the picture is clear. " Darrenbow


"I switched to the Rage 3-blades in 2007. I have shot 4 deer with them now and haven't lost one yet.(knock on wood). I have gotten some amazing blood trails using these broadheads however if you hit a solid bone like the shoulder or high on the rib cage I don't think you would get very good penetration. But then again if you are not shooting 85 pounds what broadhead will? This is the entry wound of the buck I shot this year. It went in high in the back and did not get a pass-through but the deer went 30 yrds. and fell over! " stillfishin

"Tryed out these wicked 2-blades tonight on a doe. All I can say is Wow what a hole. I cut 2 ribs going in and 1 out. Pretty quartering shot. She went 60yds. I had great blood out both sides. Very happy with them so far." Deer-n-Beer

"I shot through the leg leg/shoulder bone low on the 9 pt I shot last year. I was amazed that there was no curling of the tip. Head looked none the worse for wear. Didn't penetrate as very far, but wasn't because the tip bent. All 3 blades were intact, also." brdhntr

"The doe I shot with the Rage 2 blade was quartered away at 20 yards. Arrow (Maxima 350, 28.5", 62 lb bow) broke two ribs on entrance (4.5" entrance hole), went through the lungs, broke one rib in the front of the chest cavity, then broke the off side front leg joint. The arrow never actually came out of the deer, but there was plenty of blood from just the entrance hole." ACK

"Thanks, Give the 3 blades a try and you should see a big difference. 3 blades = more slicing and dicing! I didn't get a pass through on a quartering 200 pound deer week before last, I actually hit him in the liver behind the ribs. The broadhead was found stuck in the off shoulder. I saw him go down just over 120 yards, but the blood that came out his nose left a great trail. Thanks again for taking up our great sport of bow hunting! Keep up the good work!!" pasinthrough
9 months ago

"Wondering if anyone has used these out west. Switched to them this year. Did a number on my buck, but at 20yds didn't get complete pass thru. I did hit ribs, but worried about taking them out west and what they'll do at 50+yds. thanks" FNB

"I switched to rage broadheads mid season last year and was not able to use them. I shot a doe last week with the 1.5" three blade rage broadheads. The shot caught the liver and part of the stomach. The deer went less than 100 yards and when I got to it the stomach was sticking out the entry hole the size of a volleyball. I found it less than 30 minutes after the shot (it had nothing to do with being dead and bloated). I'm hooked!

I've heard of guys who hit no vital organs and the deer went about 75 yards and died because the hole is just too big. I don't think the broadhead itself can fail, other than the blades opening in your quiver. I also shot a grouse with one and took sliced its head right off." walleyeguy_12

"I've heard of too many people shooting deer and not finding them with the rage due to shoulder hits or lack of blood when it doesn't pass through the deer. my buddy shot a little doe about a month ago with about 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground. He had a horrible shot on her, right in front of the arse. The arrow went in not even half way and fell out 30 yards away. She ran a total of about 40 yards. No blood at all. " Czabs

"I switched to the Rage 3-blades in 2007. I have shot 4 deer with them now and haven't lost one yet.(knock on wood). I have gotten some amazing blood trails using these broadheads however if you hit a solid bone like the shoulder or high on the rib cage I don't think you would get very good penetration. But then again if you are not shooting 85 pounds what broadhead will? This is the entry wound of the buck I shot this year. It went in high in the back and did not get a pass-through but the deer went 30 yrds. and fell over! " ucool

"... I broke 6 ribs. 3 on the way in and 3 on the other side. All that rib breaking prevented the tip from poking through the other side." Heavy Arrow

"Rage broad heads are horrible, my friends and I shot 6 deer with them and only recovered 1 TG it was the big buck but even he ran 200 yrds and we shot him 2x. As for arrow and and draw..I use a PSE stinger mod. to 78 lbs draw 386 arrows and 100g rage 2 blades, shot my deer at 15 yrd through the recovery..but they did give use our money back so they stand by their word.." XTERRAROC
8 months ago

"No, you did make it through to the other side, you hit the shoulder and when the doe took off the arrow popped back out, I have a video of a small doe that did the same thing.

Hey don't like them , don't shoot them??" bowhunterjohn63

" Rage Broadheads?
I shot a nine point on october 4 of this year. I hit it low in the front shoulder and didn't get any vitals. I watched the buck run for about 400 yards then enter a corn field. i waited about 2 hours and went to find it. It ran a total of a mile and a half befor i found it dead in a ditch. The entry hole was so big i could fit my whole hand in it. If i hadn't been using rage broadhead 2 blade i would have never found it." csmigill

"The doe I shot had complete pass through without a problem. Depending on how the broadhead enters, the blade could be against the ribs or with them. This may make the difference of a pass through or not. Don't know for sure. Arrow through or not as long as you recover the deer is what matters.. " cosmic

""I shot a nice 8ptr last night at 27 yds with a 2 blade rage. Hit him about 3-4 in above the picture below. I think I hit the ball at the top of the shoulder. Arrow went in 7 in and as he ran off he snapped the broadhead and insert off and I assume it's still in him. I was 20 ft up in a tree. Found drop of blood every 5-6 ft for 60yds and that's it with 3 small pools where he probably stopped." ptrsligt

Not only are they inconsistant as far as bowhunters "good shot" with "rage" broad heads but it's expensive so when you hear the excuse of 'with the economy it's cheaper to hunt.." you know they are full of crock. Also can you imagine this barbaric weapon accidentally hitting a young child , your pet or eve an adult ? I don't think you stand a chance.

Please sign these petitions. Thank you!

SHARKS video of Troy Gentry killing tame bear brings to light the cruelty of bowhunting.

I want to thank SHARK for not only exposing this coward country singer Troy Gentry who bowhunted tame bear to make himself feel "macho" but for bringing the cruel and sadistic "sports" of bowhunting to light

As Steve Hindi of SHARK mentioned that the bear named "Cubby" when shot into the lung drowned in his own blood and that is one of the main way our bowhunted animals die. Whether it's a hit to the gut, lung, liver, and other parts of the body of the animals there is hardly ever a "quick death" in bowhunting that is why in bowhunting websites they have a recommended waiting time of 30-45 minutes before tracking the animals. The Animal rights activists that are protesting against Troy Gentry playing at Arizona's state Fair says "there was no chase, there was no hunt" which in fact describes exactly how bear and deer bowhunting works in America because 90% of the killing are done by a tree stand or blinds with baits and attractant to bring the animals to them, then they kill so overall there is not much difference of what Troy Gentry did and what 13 millions sports hunters of America does to our wildlife. Also US Fish and Wildlife is a hypocrite being that they kill billions of innocent wildlife by the use f bowhunting, shotgun, trapping, snaring and shooting by planes such as in wolves. I like to remind everyone do not pay attention to recreational hunter who tries to use the "true hunter" , "real hunter", "ethical hunter" excuses to act like they are not the same as Troy Gentry when we know damn well they are especially the bowhunters. This is not about killing for survival aka subsistence hunters this is about killing for sports and in bowhunting being that its an expensive "sports" theirs are not about survival.


Hunter showing other hunter how to make a bear bait.

Here are more videos of bowhunting of bear over bait


"Consider the physiology of the deer (and bear) who dies by suffocation, choking on its own blood, or the deer who dies after an arrow penetrates the diaphragm. The presence of a highlysophisticated nervous system in deer certainly suggests that their nervous systems perform the same functions as human nervous systems. The presence of the same neurochemicals in deer as in humans similarly shows that they feel pain as we do.
In recent years there has been a major shift in the way the scientific community understands the mental life of animals, particularly mammals. Presently, researchers in a variety of animal-related disciplines generally agree that in addition to being sentient, mammals are consciously aware and have feelings and emotions.
Mammals, including deer, are presently understood by scientists to have the capacity to
think. Numerous studies indicate that the mental harm that is done to an animal placed in a stressful situation may be more injurious than that done to a person in a similar situation because the animal's mind, in varying degrees, focuses more on the immediate than the distant. Thus, an animal, unlike a person, is less aware that the present anxiety they are experiencing may be temporary." Steve Nusbaum MA, DVM,

A Veterinarian's Perspective on Bowhunting


The horrible torturous cries of the black bear

SHARKS website on Tory Gentry

Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound management

Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Deer Vehicle Accident to Hunting Accidents hunters are a menace to society!


State Game officials estimate a population of 800,000 deer in New York State alone, which is up from450,000 just ten years ago." Here is why deer herd number continue to rise and NY "sportsman" also uses Quality Deer Management, read the link and learn the truth on how hunting industry is deliberately producing deer for recreational wildlife killing . Please remember that the killing season is just about here and a DANGEROUS TIME FOR MOTORIST.

IMPORTANT! this is the season for high deer vehicle accidents not only because of the rut but the wildlife serial killers terrorizing the forest.
Read this simple steps to keep safe out on the road during the next 3 months and if you have teens that are driving for the first time and they live in a heavily hunted states it's especially important for them to learn how to avoid DVA's.

Here are the states most likely to have Deer Vehicle Collision/Accidents as of 2009

New Jersey and Nebraska have posted the largest increases, 54 percent. Kansas is next at 41 percent. Deer-vehicle collisions have jumped by 38 percent in Florida, Mississippi and Arkansas. Then come Oklahoma (34 percent) and West Virginia, North Carolina and Texas (33 percent).

Overall if you live in states with deer please read and learn.

Tip as for Avoiding Deer Collisions

* While you should always be aware of your surroundings, keep an especially keen eye around dusk and dawn. These are the periods of time when deer crossings occur most often. It can also be more difficult to see at dusk or dawn, since it is neither completely light or dark outside.
* One of the best ways to avoid deer collisions is to drive at a safe speed, especially in areas with deer warning signs. These signs are strategically placed in areas known to be frequented by wildlife. Follow the speed limit and you’ll give yourself enough time to react should a deer or any other animal cross your path.
* Whenever possible, use your high-beams when driving in areas with wildlife. Not only will they provide the light necessarily to see the road, but they can also help illuminate a deer’s eyes from afar, giving you proper warning. Flashing your lights at other drivers can alert them to a deer’s presence, but do so with caution, so not to distract them.
* If you do come across a dear, firmly apply your brakes, but try not to slam on them or swerve into another lane. While deer collisions are extremely dangerous, drivers losing control of their car to avoid them can be just as deadly.
* You could consider investing in one of the “deer whistle” products. These whistles emit ultra-sonic noise when driving over a specific speed and they are supposedly only audible to animals. Unfortunately, studies have shown them to be largely ineffective at minimizing accidents.
* Should you see a deer getting ready to cross the road or one that is already in the middle of it, loudly honk your vehicle’s horn. This will scare most deer and they’ll quickly make their way back into the woods. It also helps alert other drivers nearby to the situation.
* Finally, always keep an eye on the vehicles in front of you. Be prepared to stop suddenly, as there’s no telling when a herd may decide to cross, forcing the drivers in front of you to slam on their brakes.

If you see that a car accident with a deer is unavoidable, do not swerve, brace yourself and apply your brakes. Hitting a deer head on is a much less severe accident than swerving off the road or into an oncoming car. Most car accidents involving deer only leave minor cosmetic damage, however it can damage your radiator leading to an overheat and serious damage to your motor. If you think your damage may be severe, use caution getting out to inspect, as an injured deer may regain consciousness and attack. Otherwise, drive a safe distance away, pull off to the side of the road, and then inspect. If your radiator is leaking fluid, turn your car off immediately and have it towed to a garage. Your insurance company may require a police report to file a claim for coverage.


Plus hunting accident because you know these inbred psychopaths can't shoot whether be bows and arrow or guns. 


DEC, DNR, DOW and all your pro-kill state wildlife agencies will never give a pre-murder season warning to the non-killing public on how to keep safe in your parks and forest when you hike, bike, dog walk , horse ride etc because they want to keep the public believing that hunting is "safe" even though hunters continue to kill each other, themselves and even their children plus innocent humans and pets been shot by bullet and arrow many time when they were mistaken for a deer or other "game" animals. STATE WILDLIFE AGENCIES SHOULD WARN THE PUBLIC OF THE DANGER FROM THE WILDLIFE TERRORIST IN THE FOREST SADLY THEY DON'T SO I WILL. YOU SHOULD AT ALL TIME WEAR YOUR ORANGE IF YOU LIVE IN A HUNTED STATE AND KNOW THERE IS KILLING IN YOUR PARK/FOREST AND THIS GOES FOR YOUR DOG AS WELL. I AM GETTING MY SON A HUNTER ORANGE HAT TO WEAR THIS YEAR BECAUSE THE MORE I LEARN ABOUT HUNTING THE MORE I KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THEY ARE.!