Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky a child did not open the door ............


Think for a moment, you child opens the door to get to school. The next thing you know you are in the emergency care unit or preparing for a funeral. Bowhunters are coming closer and closer to your homes. In NJ they in the past year narrowed the buffer zone to only 50 yards from their tree stand or how ever they hunt to your homes, numerous bowhunters uses crossbows too which is deadly but bowhunting in general can all be dangerous, like what happened to this one women recently, with her young grand daughter sitting next to her The next victim can be one of your family member unless everyone speak up for non lethal options. Here are some tips and here Bowhunters are heartless psychopath, (all Sport hunters are) and these humans finds joy in killing and torturing animals. To die drowning in ones own blood, or from an arrow wound to the liver, gut or anywhere in the body is torture and they know what they are doing, they know the animals suffer but do not care. They share their disgusting experience of killing on youtube or hunting forums with laughter and smily face emoticon.  A torture of an animal is a "fun" thing?  I can see back when there were only few markets, many lived by killing with shotguns for food and it was for sustenanace and survival.  Today don't be fooled with their "this is to stuff the freezer" BS, they all say that to take the focus off the fact that they just enjoy killing PERIOD!! And why use such barbaric weapon such as bows and arrow, a weapon of pain and suffering  which takes animals time to die as they wait or go home overnight to search the next day because for some animals it can take up to 4-12 hours to die and bowhunters can sleep soundly .  Why not *if* for food use a shotgun, it's quick and you can "stuff " as many dead carcass in the freezer along with the chicken breast, steak, pork chops etc.

Do you really believe anyone who have no empathy for the animals, as they do the high five, fist pumping, and finding extreme "heart pumping" exhilirating joy from the suffering of another living sentient being would care about human lives? NO, they could care less. There sure is a lot of hunting accidents, and many they find out later was no "accident" but murder.  Read Hunting and Human Abuse here .

It does not matter whether it's a yearling being killed who was hanging out with their siblings, or mother with young spotted fawn by her side or even killing a baby, yes a baby with spots.

 Is this the kind of wildlife serial killing monsters you want in your neighborhood? Do you have to live with fear that your child or pets, even yourself do not get hit by an arrow? They can even shoot at night for arrow are so quiet and many get away with it or just get a small fine. How about a nice walk in the park and walk into this I have walked into at least 5 dead deer during bowhunting season.


Stop the officially sanctioned, inhumane slaughter of deer in Fairfax county



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