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Deer Birth Control Could Prevent Collisions - FANTASTIC ARTICLE1

Deer Birth Control Could Prevent Collisions

Analysis by Tim Wall Thu Sep 1, 2011 02:44 PM ET
“Sorry deer, not in the mood tonight, or this season, or for the next five years, in fact” said the doe on birth control.
A birth control injection for deer puts them completely out of the mood to mate for up to five years without a booster. GonaCon, as the birth control is called, even eliminates dangerous and destructive courtship behaviors responsible for the autumn increase in collisions between cars and deer.
The birth control shot is actually a vaccine that causes the deer to produce antibodies against a key hormone, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which triggers production of sex hormones. GnRH kicks in when days get shorter and triggers many animals from northern latitudes to get feisty for the mating season.
SLIDE SHOW: Reindeer Help Christmas Trees Grow
Other deer birth control vaccines prevent pregnancy, but they don't stop the animals from exhibiting mating behaviors, said David Goldade of the U. S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) in Fort Collins, Colo., where GonaCon was developed.
"That opens the door to dangerous situations in which males chase females across the highway. With GonaCon, however, vaccinated deer don't even try to mate," Goldade said in a press release.
White-tailed_deer_fawnGoldade recently reported on the new vaccine at the 242nd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society.
The vaccine causes deer to produce antibodies that destroy the GnRH before it can ever trigger the sex hormones. USDA studies on white-tailed deer, free-ranging California ground squirrels, captive Norway rats, domestic and feral swine and wild horses have shown GonaCon to be effective in a wide range of animals.
The birth control vaccine could even be useful for pets and domesticated animals that have not been spayed or neutered. In cats, for example, scent-spraying, fighting, wandering, and caterwauling could be controlled.
The vaccine was designed to control the wild deer population, but there are a few drawbacks. Though it is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, it must also be registered with state agencies. So far, only Maryland and New Jersey have approved its use.
Also, the vaccine has to be injected into a captured and sedated deer by a USDA or state game and fish department staff member. Capturing, sedating, and vaccinating hundreds of thousands of deer would be time-consuming and expensive.
Where are all these deer coming from? If not for recreational hunting we would not have this many deer

Are hunting industry deliberately producing deer for recreational hunting? plus what is "Compensatory Rebound Effect"?? 

Realities of hunting as a population control: Why there are so many deer today

Wildlife Contraception Response to DNRE Supervisor

But the benefits of controlling deer populations may be worth it.
Encounters with deer can be deadly. In the approximately 1.5 million deer-auto collisions, an average 150 people die each year. Deer populations have exploded in the past few decades.
BLOG: Forensic DNA Identifies Wolf Serial Killer Suspect
A lack of natural predators and reduced hunting pressure has allowed deer to become common and expand into urban areas. At the same time, humans spread further out into rural areas that were once deer habitat. These two factors combine and result in damage to property when deer eat crops and landscaping plants.
Deer cause an estimated $1 billion in property damage per year.
IMAGE 1: A male white-tailed deer (Wikimedia Commons)
IMAGE 2: A white-tailed deer fawn (Wikimedia Commons)

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Hunter man I'm not a fan- By Rex Tyler

Hunter man I'm not a fan
A poem by Rex Tyler (

A hunter, whats a hunter
a man whose inner soul
is clearly bent on murder
inside himself, his role
is gallant,brave and courageous
a mind like this desires
To slaughter any animal
and to fail to realise.

there's no need
in this day and age
to do this,
his weaponry
is sophisticated and
the hunted stands no chance
for it is ambushed
a telescopic lense
and it is down
Those who face the Tiger
With an asagai
Well at least there is a chance
who wears the crown
But the high powered rifle
from a hide up in the trees
or the Bow Hunter whose camouflaged
and does feel
Equal to the prey
I can tell him right a way
His equality of spirit
isn't real

He can never ever equal
them for wildness
for spirit, nor for courage
for they leave
him standing in the dark
Trying to make his mark
But sadly only he can now believe

a Hunter whats a hunter
a man with a big gun
With an ego thats expanding
Who does it all for fun
Maiming, causing injury
to innocent souls who ply
The forests in the search for life
that can quickly pass them by
High fiving with his comrades
Their trophy cut down by
A bullet made of steel
That tore into its flesh
and why
So the hunter could have fun
a photograph to provide a way
a trophy gathering dust somewhere
and a karmic debt to pay
A poem written by a good friend of mine.  Humans with even an ounce of compassion  are fed up with the torture and killing of innocent wildlife for greed, profit and amusement.  Today we are learning a lot about the corruption of the hunting industry and we are so fed up with  recreational hunter same old lies and excuses on why they kill.  The simple fact is they KILL because they enjoy killing no different then how serial killers enjoys killing humans.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Psychopath and Serial killers Profile are exactly the same as Sports Hunters Profile.- READ AND YOU WILL AGREE!

Why, why, WHY  do they enjoy sharing such disgusting photographs of death, the animals with gray in the eyes and blood in the mouth? Only sick soulless  humans will have a smile from ear to ear from destroying life and post on photographs on their hunting forums to share with other  psychopaths and also their video of terror, pain and suffering they inflicted upon the animals for amusement,sports, trophy or what ever sick reasons for killing.   We know recreational hunting is NOT about "food". "Backstrap" don't cut it as an excuse for some. 

Sports hunters do not want to be called PSYCHOPATH OR SERIAL KILLERS but the sad reality is that THEY ARE, especially the bowhunters a TRUE definition of a PSYCHOPATHS for they know their action will always cause slow death to the living sentient beings as they wait the recommended 30-45 minute MINIMUM for the animals to die, some as long as 4 to 12 hours and millions more left wounded and crippled to succumb to death after days sometimes weeks by their wounds unable to eat (starvation), so right there is the signature of a Psychopath. ("profound absence of guilt and empathy."). No humans with even an ounce of compassion can ever deliberately cause such pain and suffering to the innocent animals and find joy and fun out of it. ! Here is the exact profile of a psychopath and Serial Killers. Reminder that many shotgun hunters are also bowhunters, they just cannot get enough of killing so when barbaric bow season is over they go into killing for fun with their muzzle loader or shotgun Psychopath animal killers wants to make sure everyone knows them as "sportsman", "outdoorsman" who "love and respect" wildlife , "feed the hungry" and "help" with "conservation" which we all know is just a euphemism for "conserving land to use as a killing field (sport hunting) and the animals to be used as living targets for sports and trophy).

Now lets get to the similarities so this way no matter how much the sadist wildlife killers wants to convince the public what "good" people they are and that it's all about "Conservation"  being a "sportsman" and "outdoorsman", "a tradition", "for bonding" etc.etc.etc ...... we will NOT be fooled!! Quotes were taken from varieties of serial killers and Pscyopath profile websites.

He covers "the essence of torture," "the anger-retaliation signature," "the picquerism signature," "the psychological imprint of a sadist,"


                                        (Notice their sadistic photos and videos)


click here,here, here,here,here,here, and  here.  There are so much more to add which I will later tomorrow. 

"Based on studies, serial killers usually choose victims that they can easily overpower, such as a person having short height and low weight. (defenseless animals and mostly deer )

"However, some research indicates that components of neural circuits involved in empathy may also be dysfunctional in psychopathy.[48]
[edit] Enjoyment of others' suffering"

There are series of videos of spine shot deer where the bowhunters have not a care in the world, many of them in fact enjoy watching the animals suffer and wail in fear and pain or they are so busy doing the high fives and cheering all the while the animals are suffering. So that is "enjoyment of other's suffering". I have seen Bowhunters when they should at least attempt to put second shot on the deer even though that still not an a gurantee fast death ( watch this many do not take the second shot or take too long to do so because they are busy cheering and in their ectacy and the deer regain use of their leg to run off which of course some bowhunters will leave them overnight or go home for lunch or supper to come back for the deer when they are sure the deer has died click here. Most time though if it's a doe they won't even bother but with a trophy deer yes they will.

I was at a forum where 2 bowhunters were talking about how when they kill a deer it's as "good as having sex" "their knees gets weak " and I also believe that they have some freakesh enjoyment of using female deer to "get back" at women or even maybe have sex with the corpse which would not surprise me at all. Look at some of these pictures

Often when you hear bowhunters that shot a deer they sound like they are in extacy, they breath heavily, some looks as though they going to vomit from pure excitement, hands shake I means their body is going thru total euphoria. I often hear them sounding as if they just had an orgasm - . listen to this one


Or  watch......

Monsters among us who kills for sports - WARNING-Video is GRAPHIC AND DISTURBINGclick here

As I said, any human who deliberately put a sentient being thru terror, pain, suffering and death like bowhunters do for in bowhunting they let the deer "layup and die" or "wait" the recommended time (MINIMUM) of 30-45 minutes, sometimes 4 hours, some 8 some overnight listen to this one click here . Even with the knowledge of what is involved in bowhunting for the animals they buy their bows and arrows go into the forest to shoot an innocent sentient being (even spotted fawns and yearling with siblings) for no reason but for, "fun" sports and trophy AGAIN even KNOWING there will be a lot of suffering involved but guess what? when they hit the deer no matter how bad the shot is it's all high fives and cheering listen to this one listen to this one . As they wait for the animal to die they talk on the video camera filled with excitement, no empathy, no guilt of causing pain, instead it's the total opposite (video camera to capture death is popular now, it's all over hunting website to buy).

"Trophy hunters often hire a camera person to film their entire hunts in the bush (in the case of America from the tree stand or ground blind) including the actual moments when animals are shot and when they die. These films are made to be viewed later at will, presumably for self-gratification purposes and to show to other people--again the longing "to be important" factor?

This could also be seen as a form of trophy which mirrors in some respect pornographic "snuff" videos known to be made by some serial killers. Other serial killers have tape-recorded the screams of their victims ( click here) , which were kept for later self-gratification."

"....was, until 1980, the term used for a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct but masked by an >>>ability to appear outwardly normal<<< Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizing the behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Dennis Rader, the infamous “BTK” (Bind, Torture, Kill) murderer—have manifested numerous psychopathic traits, including superficial charm and a profound absence of guilt and empathy." Bowhunters says "Rage is like hitting a deer with an ax"click here

Gut Shot Deer - Imagine yourself dying this way!click here

From bowhunters, they know gut shot happens a lot so what they do let them "layup and die" for at least 12 hours. Most go home to sleep in their cozy bed while the deer suffer and die from their own poison. Bowhunters quote and he talks as if it's nothing, just "wait it out" (HEARTLESS PSYCOPATH)

"Stomach wounds kill through a combination of blood loss and septicemia, or blood poisoning. The latter results when stomach contents, including bacteria and toxins, enter the blood stream. This, in turn, results in septic or toxic shock, which causes decreasing blood pressure and gradual organ failure. Stomach wounds are nearly always fatal, but a gut-shot deer can live a long time and can travel a long way if pushed (and will leave little, if any, blood)"

"A stomach shot is also fatal, but it could take 24 hours or longer for the deer to die. Give this animal at least three hours to bed down and follow up for the kill in the daytime. Make sure to circle ahead from the downwind side."

Because gut shot deer can travel far they will most likely never be retrieved rather they are killed by predators who can smell their wound. Read more on gut shot deerclick here

"The primary difference between psychopaths and other criminals is that the psychopath is incapable of experiencing guilt, empathy, or remorse (though psychopaths may fake these feelings to look good to their parole boards). As a result, psychopaths commit far more acts of violence than other criminals."

Look at the hunting accident lists - how do you know if some of them really are "accidents" ? click here

besides causing immense pain and suffering to animals they probably killing each other because all they have to do is to say "oops I thought he was a deer, turkey, quail, squirrels etc." and they do get away with it. That is the corruption of the hunting industry as well (DNR and other State Wildlife Agencies and pro-kill Government).

Psychopaths profile continue...

"Superficially charming, psychopaths tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal. Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it.Nevertheless, research also suggests that a sizable number of psychopaths may be walking among us in everyday life.

Some investigators have even speculated that “successful psychopaths”—those who attain prominent positions in society"

(President Bush, Dick  Cheney, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin,  and  most Republican right wing conservatives)

You seen how the bowhunter and other "sportsman" psychopaths act like they are such "great people" and they are "conservationist" and "care" for wildlife". They will claim they "feed the hungry" (you can bet if they could not kill they could give a damn about the poor and hungry) and as far as the "conservationist" you can also bet if they could not kill they could give a damn about the land or the animal in it because the only purpose of their "conservation" is to "conserve" land to be used as a killing field and to propagate "game" animals to kill. These monsters are great with acting as if they are just the regular "Joe Guy" from next door but inside lies pure evil heartless humans whose mind and actions are no different then that of serial killers and psychopaths!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May you rest in peace with God, you were still very young and innocent and did nothing wrong. In the arms of an angel forever you will be until you incarnate into this world again. .

Young girl shot in hunting accident will be laid to rest Tuesday

Posted May 24, 2011
A 9 year-old-girl who was tragically shot in a hunting accident will be laid to rest Tuesday. Almost 500 people are expected to attend a private funeral for Soren Dahlstrom. It will be held at the family farm in Hockley County at 8 p.m.

(She could have seen her new bedroom in NY today for they were moving from TX to NY, excited and meeting new friend but instead she is dead)


NC: Teenager fatally shot after gun goes off in hunting accident

Teenager fatally shot after gun goes off in hunting accident
February 23, 2011
14-year-old boy died Tuesday after an apparent accidental shooting in the wooded area near Inman Road in Ash, according to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.

Boy shot while hunting with dad in Wisconsin

April 17, 2011
JACKSON, Wis. -- Authorities say a boy dressed in camouflage was shot while turkey hunting with his father in Jackson Marsh in southeastern Wisconsin.
Lt. John Buck of the Washington County Sheriff's Department says a hunter from a different party thought the 5-year-old was a turkey and fired at him from about 40 to 50 yards away Sunday morning.

Friends Find Casey County Man Dead

Friday, 14 January 2011 20:36
Kentucky State Police are investigating the death of a teenager in Casey County who, they believe, died in a hunting accident. Friends of 19-year-old Anthonio Hernandez went to look for him when he didn't return from a hunting trip. They found him in a field about a half mile from his residence near Liberty.

Bowhunter shot in face remembered Nov 12, 2010

18-Year-Old Shot While Hunting In Copiah County Investigators Say Shooting Was Accidental

February 16, 2011

AK: 9-year old kills 11-year-old while hunting

VA: 10-year-old shot by uncle while hunting in Alleghany County

MO: 16-year-old killed while hunting


5-year-old Boy shot while hunting with dad in Wisconsin

MT: Teen's death while hunting remains open case

NC: Two NC Boys Killed In Separate Squirrel-Hunting Accidents

NC: Teenager fatally shot after gun goes off in hunting accident

MS: 18-Year-Old Shot While Hunting In Copiah County

CO: 8-year-old boy killed in hunting accident

NC: Hunter, 17, Accidentally Shoots Self in Davidson County

WA: Kennewick teen accidentally shot while hunting

NC: Hunter Accidentally Shoots Man, 13-Year-Old Boy

AR: 15-Year-Old Shot In Hunting Accident

MS: Teen dead after apparent hunting accident

LA: Hunting incident injures 1 teen

NY: Boy shot in Orange Co. hunting accident

SD: Boy shot in hunting accident recovers, goes home

OK: Fairland teens recovering from apparent hunting accident

GA: Cumming Teen Dies While Hunting

TX: Teen shot in face in hunting accident

KS: Boy injured when falling out of tree

MN: Father shoots 14-yr-old son in hunting accident



(Ted Nugent "Camp for Kids" to teach them to kill not care a darn about what happens to these children whether they die or not is of no concern to him.  Too cowardly to even fight in the war, the only "war" is to kill defenseless animals for no reason and "glamorize" how it's "conservation".  )

The Hunting Industry tries to say "we need to get the kids out of the house, stop having them play video games, keep them off drugs etc etc etc ...." They act as if being outdoors is to kill a living sentient beings (hunting) and that it will be the "only way" to "keep kids off drugs and video games" (lol). I know SO MANY young kids enjoying outdoors without killing and they are staying off drugs, PLUS GUESS WHAT? they are still ALIVE!!!! AND learn to respect and value life unlike what sports hunting does to young children

Just recently a young child shot his father because to them a life is nothing, if one don't like something or someone just kill them. Overall the list you see so far are just the young kids the are many adult that end up killing themselves, each other and even their own children. As I was out in the garden today , watching people heading towards the beach I thought to myself if the hunting industry was not so persistent in recruiting the very young with fake "glamour" of hunting and all that "bonding" lies, these kids would have all been alive today playing at the beach or going bike riding, to the pool, then later maybe a movie or two instead they are buried 6 feet under. Hunting industry like U.S Sportsman Alliance Group, DNR, NY State DEC, Turkey Federation etc wants so badly to convince the public that hunting is "safe" WHEN THEY KNOW DARN WELL IT'S NOT. The "U.S. Sportsman Alliance Group on their website says there are as many death by lightining every year in the U.S as there are death by hunting yet they use that to mislead the public as lightning is part of nature, putting lethal weapons into the hands of children to kill innocent animals is NOT. Death by lighting yearly in the U.S is 50 and about 100 injuries. I don't know about you but seems to me there are a lot more death by hunting accidents many involving children even adults so more lies. Then in the "National Hunting and Fishing Day website the "sportsman" claimed that more people die yearly by vending machine (2) then by hunting. Wow the lies are getting more bolder huh? These children should never have handled lethal weapons or been around people who did, that was preventable, the list of injuries and death (above) was preventable if the hunting industry would have STOP LYING ABOUT THE "SAFETY"AND ALWAYS GLAMORIZING KILLING ANIMALS AS IF THEY DOING "GOD'S WORK" AND BEING "STEWARDS" !!!! 

. The U.S. Sportsman Alliance Group also wants Michigan to have no age restriction to killing animals I guess being dead is better then playing video games according to the hunting industry. 


( DNR, NY STATE DEC, NJ DEP, Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Games, U.S Sportsman Alliance Group, National Hunting and Fishing Day, National Turkey Federation and all those killing industry. They try to convince the public that without hunters there be no one to "conserve wildlife" which by now we know what that really means. It means to "conserve" wildlife to kill and land to be used as a killing field. Then they say that without "sportsman" "economy will go down" (same old sob story) . It's too laughable being that hunters only make up 4% of the population, now wildlife watching (no child gets hurt) and just about everyone is into wildlife watching, no bloodshed, no danger, child comes back with a beautiful memory of watching mother deer play with baby or she/he can learn photography and hang it on the wall to cherish and respect life.



I thought a lot about this little girl, she was not even killing she was out with grandpa , loaded guns and killing squirrels.

Families Afield


If hunting is so damn "safe" why do they have lawyers just for hunting accidents?

They also use attractive female bowhunter or sports hunters to lure young girls to kill. They are all soulless humans (beauty outside pure evil inside)  and attractive animal killers are a rarity so they take every advantage of using women like Rebecca Francis to get young girls to kill.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bowhunters will kill your dogs and cats even with tags on.

Bowhunter at a forum writes "I wonder where those 93 confirmed ....ahh ommmp I mean 03 sweet little kittys went from around my house (added a smiley). They will also shoot dog if they feel the dog is "interfering with their hunt" as you know according to DNR (Division of Nature Rapers) the woods belong to the killers in the all and even if they shoot tagged dogs they turn blind eyes to it and corrupted officials will protect the hellbound bowhunters. Gee they can even kill innocent human and get away with it by saying 'oops I though he/she was a deer".

Pitbull shot by arrow click here

Cat shot in head with arrow, survives click here

Someone shot my cat with an arrow click here

Bowhunters shooting deer shoots 2 dogs, one lives the other feared dead. click here

Whitesox player pitches in to help save dog hit with arrow click here

Dog shot from tree stand with arrow clck here and click here

Little dog named victor shot by an arrow click here

Oakland county cat shot with an arrow click here

Dog shot with arrow in Okotoks Alta. click here

Family dog shot with a bow and arrow click here

Arrow hit dogs face almost died click here

In honor of dog named Miles killed by bowhunter Oct 19 09
click here


******Do visit the rest of the blog so you can REALLY learn about the corruption of the hunting industry and the psychopaths that are part of it because they are all run by hunters dictating the fate of our innocent wildlife. They could care less about human or non-human lives so please do read my blogger and EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bowhunter spineshot a Calf Elk and while being shot with 3 arrow he cries for his mother

Quote I found on bowhunting forum

"I had a buddy that spined a calf elk. Shots where we go are few and far between so he only carried 3 arrows for a morning hunt. First one was a spine. On the second the shot the calf lurched and it ended up grazing it's neck. He moved in to ten yards and tried to put the final arrow in his chest as... the calf rolled onto it's back but ended up a bit back and hit the liver. The entire time the calf was calling for its mother who remained 40 yards away not wanting to leave. He had two choices. Let it slowly die calling to its mother, or use a knife. He did the humane thing and took out his knife. Not the ideal situation for his first wlk with a bow but using a knife in this case was the human thing to do"

This deer after being hit in the 3 times still did not die and finally took the 4th one and all the while they were cheering and high fiving click here.

Can you believe the horror of the baby elk and he thinks after 3 arrows and didn't die as he called for his mother he finally went down being that he was out of arrow to kill with a knife. That is why bows and arrow are the most barbaric weapon to use and I have another video of a deer spine shot and it took finally the 4th arrow for the deer to die. Such a horror and this is how millions of deer and elk shot with an arrow die, a slow painful death. The bowhunters if he is really into "human" would never kill with such a barbaric weapon of pain like the bow and arrow. All bunch of phonies and during this back and forth on the forum I see nothing of remorse, guilt or sadness. When I read it I felt not only tears for the baby crying for mom and mom wanting to go after her child but pure anger for the bowhunters. That is how they all are and why I despise them to the core of my bones. PSYCHOPATH SERIAL KILLERS is the name for them all!

Quidk kill hunring act
Abiosh hunting and end the trualtU


Only Soulless humans can kill with a bow and arrow Part 3 Compilation

Imagine an end to lethal deer "culling" - YES WE CAN DO IT! EDUCATE YOURSELF AND SPEAK UP!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Imagine an end to lethal deer "culling" - YES WE CAN DO IT! EDUCATE YOURSELF AND SPEAK UP!

Signing petitions is NOT ENOUGH we must go to meeting, learn about referendum, facts about hunting cruelty and the hunting industries lies.   This is to help you if there is deer "culling" in your area whether it's by net and bolt and bolt, bait and shoot, bowhunters or any other lethal inhumane barbaric means. Hunting is synonymous with lies, hunters, bowhunters, the industry so you must learn the truth, you must get together with people in your area that also wants to defend the deer and FIGHT the corruption and end the suffering!


Human Hunting Destroys Our  Environment
Surplus Population: A Fallacious Basis For Sport Hunting
Eastern Hemlock  Regeneration and Deer Browsing ...
Deer Car Collisions
Report from Erie Insurance
New View on Lyme Disease
Climate, Deer, Rodents, and Acorns as Determinants of Variation in Lyme-Disease Risk
Effects of Reduced Deer Density on the Abundance of Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) and Lyme Disease Incidence in a Northern New Jersey Endemic Area
Deer Browsing and the Distribution of Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) in Central New Jersey Forests
YouTube Clip by Jay Kirkpatrick
Immunocontraception for Deer Works
Report on Bow hunting

Plus how to make representation, power point charts to help you at here What to say click here

What is referendum and how to write one.  Check to see if your state has them and get started!! click here (Many thanks to Anthony Marr)


 Have Mercy On Our Wildlife click here

Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests  click here

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound managementclick here

Sign petitions

Quick killing Act clickhere

Abolish Bowhunting and End The Brutality click here

Shot for Tulips - Say NO To Cayuga Heights Killing


Stop the officially sanctioned, inhumane slaughter of deer in Fairfax countyclick here

Stop HUNTING NOW click here

 GO TO YOUR LOCAL TOWN HALL MEETING IF THERE IS AN IMPENDING DEER KILLING WHETHER BY BOWS AND ARROW, BAIT AND SHOOT or NET AND BOLT. The majority that shows up are the loud mouth hunter always fighting for their right to quest their desire to destroy innocent life! WE MUST BE the strong ONES and stand up for the right of the innocent animals to live, gather as many people as possible AND GO TO EVERYONE OF THOSE MEETINGS AND BE LOUD TOO (BUT POLITE).

Call the Governor of the state or state representative and let them know who you feel about lethal culling and that we have a choice today click here for list
State Representatives click herefor contact number, address etc. 

IC deer birth control WORKS (watch video too)click here

Other non-lethal way to co-exist with deer

Humane deer managementclick here

Streiter-lite system, It's been proven to work very well to reduce Deer Vehicle Accidents.
For example, there are roadside reflector technologies such as the Streiter-lite system, which uses reflected light from the headlights of oncoming cars to alert deer. This system has been installed in numerous locations around the world. Its effectiveness in reducing deer-vehicle collisions has been studied, showing results of 78-90% (see graph at right which shows accident rates before and after installation of reflectors).9
There is a Strieter-lite system installation in Owego, New York, just 30 miles South of Ithaca. According to the Owego traffic engineer, the reduction of deer-vehicle collisions has been high, nearly 100%.10 The cost of installing this system may also be reduced by federal grant support.11

Strieter-lite diagram
Another promising technology, the Roadside Animal Detection System (RADS), takes a different approach. RADS uses radio sensors to detect large animals approaching a roadway. If an animal gets too near a road, the sensor activates a warning signal, alerting drivers to be cautious and slow down. One study in Switzerland found that such animal detection systems produced a reduction in collisions of up to 82 percent.12
RADS diagram
Fencing is another proven alternative which can be used on its own or in combination with the options shown above. According to several studies, wildlife fencing, if used correctly, has the documented potential to reduce deer-vehicle collsions dramatically. One study in Banff, Alberta, for example, showed that fencings systems reduced collisions by 80%.13
There is also data suggesting that vehicle speed is correlated with the rate of deer-vehicle collisions, so more strict enforcement of the speed limit may be helpful. Community education programs that teach drivers how to drive more safely and avoid deer-vehicle collisions could further contribute to a reduction of collision risk.
Each of these alternatives to a bait and shoot program offers a documented potential to significantly reduce the risk of deer-vehicle collsions, and without negative side-effects, including the safety risks associated with the annual discharge of weapons in a densely settled community. Mayor Gilmore has spoken at a public meeting of allocating initial funding of $50,000 to a deer killing program. And as outside experts who have spoken at meetings have confirmed, a bait and shoot program is not a one-time solution, but rather a yearly endeavor.14 Thus, the public safety risks, the cost to tax payers, and the moral weight of killing human-habituated deer would continue to accrue year after year.
We can do better. Resources invested in sensible, nonviolent alternatives are a far better investment as they will provide immediate results, and will continue to offer value to the community for years to come.
From Cayuga "Alternative" information. click here .  I actually do not like to  call it "alternative" because it means what ever lethal culling did "worked" and we are just "replacing" with  what "worked" but obviously hunting/lethal culling  was NEVER about "working" and it was only about lies and corruption for hunting opportunities so I don't like the word "alternative".  What we want to achieve here is an  COMPASSIONATE, WORKABLE,  HONEST, LONG TERM DEER HERD REDUCTION, the 21st century way to "manage" deer. 

If you need high resolution photos or DVD's just let me know. Thanks 

I also made a flyer you can print up on bowhunting for everyone to use so we can start educating on the cruelty of bowhunting out in the streets and bring it to the mainstream. 

Another great place is trains and buses leave it on seats etc. or you can hand them out as I said before but please educate yourself a little incase you get the questions such as "but there is too many deer" or "lyme disease" which you can learn about it here.

They look small here but once you print them up they are a little larger.

Here is information on bowhunting cruelty

Don't forget to let them know we have IC deer birth control that works well and have 60% deer herd reduction. yet the hunting industry refuse to use them because they want the abundance of deer.