Monday, January 31, 2011

Sports Hunting - "Sports" For Psychopaths - Hunting Cruelty Compilation Part 4

I think it was back in 2007 that youtube came along and it became a haven for hunters to "show off" their barbarism and killing. The kind of "enjoyment" only their psychotic kind can understand and I always remember back in 2007 I would watch other non-killers comment on their videos of anger and outrage but the hunters would laugh and mock about killing more bambies in that persons name. Before youtube came along and with hunting snuff videos( which of course most non-killers never bother looking at) the public always believed in the lies of hunters on how "ethical" they are and how the animals die a "quick painless death" (maybe with bullet 80% of the times) but DEFINITELY NOT with a bow and arrow this I have learned. I have seen quiet a few slob shotgun hunters who will shoot to cause pain and to laugh and had to wait for the deer to die as well but majority it was hit and dead exception is during "deer drive" on the other hand with bowhunting the animals death is by hemorrhaging which means to bleed to death. The shots are hardly ever "well placed" I often hear bowhunters say "way to the back" "too much to the front", "jump the string" "I think I got the gut", "He got scraped most sure he is alive still" (yeah sure). Now with youtube (A haven for hunters, "Outdoorsman" "sportsman" and many sadist monster organization we are learning. BTW Hunting forums are another great place to learn how they brag and "show off" their murder gallery of death and destruction.

Hunters talk about "overpopulation" and "starvation" yet they kill off all deers natural predators that does reduce deer's population and weed out the sicklyclick here

Deer Drive - is cruelty to animals and cause high deer vehicle accidents. (they even have bear drive I heard). click here

Here you can read more about here

(Read the part about how hard it is to hit deer accurately.)

Overall anyone who can kill an animal simply for the fun of it are born with something missing in the brain. It must be genetic in their people for they marry their cousins and such (all jokes aside). When I watch these videos and I watch with my heart hurting, my anger intense but I never want to let the animals to have died in vain. I want them to know I am their voice and will educate the public.

Many of the recreational hunters laugh, they think it's a joke in the expense of the suffered animals and I am sure if there is a God and when the time comes for these monsters who pass off as "sportsman" dies or gets harvested they will have a lot to anwser to God for God did not approve of hunting. click here

Hunting Can Increase The Severity Of Wildlife Disease Epidemics click here

Deer Hunting Increases the Rate Of Deer Starvation click here

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Stop Killing Bears!click here

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Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound managementclick here

Non-lethal road safety plans (streiter-lite proven to work) and othersclick here

Deer Contraception WORKS and IT WORKS WELL click here

I often hear from recreational hunters about "meat in freezer" after all that sadism. That is only a coverup and if you have ever seen the "back strap" they speak of it's laughable to think a whole living sentient being was murdered for fun for a mere flesh. We know their freezers are stuffed with market food as well and today we know that plant based diet is where we can get healthy protein, calcium, Iron and it's delicious and filling. click here

Gladiators Were Vegan -- John McDougall MD click here

Dr. McDougall -- Curing the Sickest People click here

Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- Cause Cancer click here

Many hunters gets heart attack and they kill each other, themselves and even their children in hunting accidents. If you enjoy outdoors there are so much to do and one is NOT BY KILLING! KILLING FOR FUN IS FOR PSYCHOPATHS.

Lastly - I am no "PeTa" or "HSUS", I learned a lot on my own so save your peta joke for someone else. :)

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