Monday, March 12, 2012

Dog shot with arrow is "extreme cruelty" yet when done to deer it's "sports"

Please watch video

The women says "who can do something like that?" Does Sport hunting especially bowhunting comes to mind?


Then the newsman says "it's an extreme
case of animal cruelty that will make you cringe" "Disturbing. You know - why would somebody do that to an animal?", says Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter."

"One that has been treated as cruelly as this one certainly deserves a little bit more than what we normally do. Somebody needs to pay for this one way or another", says painter. What surprises me
is whether be dogs, cats, deer, elk, bear they all suffer and all feel the same pain and die a horrible death especially from a bow and arrow. The newsman says " Tonight she's mourning this dog's death and left fearful for her cats, horses and her own dogs"

I would too for bowhunters are psychopath and will shoot any living creatures, if off season they will find even your pets to shoot for "fun" or other little creatures of the forest. Bows and Arrow are
so quiet who would know?


You want psychos like this who such as in NJ can kill 50 yards from ones home, around your pets, you and especially the children? you will unless you fight for the right to use Non-Lethal options and says NO to lethal
Killing is not only cruel but it just continues to create more deer that is why in NJ and many heavily hunted state make every excuses not to use the IC deer birth control.

"I'm hoping whoever does this is caught because this can't continue", says Grant."

So long as they continue to use these bowhunting
psychopath or any sport hunting,  though in case of   bowhunting it's quiet so no one can hear, this will continue.

"Donations are being accepted at Medical Veterinary Service in Midland to cover the costs of surgery." of course, all these injuries and death the innocent people have to pay for medical expense even funeral cost, there is no strict penalty for the "Sportsman" even in case of humans being injured and killed during bowhunting or shotgun because it was only an "accident". There are so much corruption in the Hunting industry!!

The Reality of Bowhunting - The psychpath hunters all think it's "fun" to toture an innocent animals with such barbaric weapon of pain. Bowhunters know it takes a while for the animals to die that is why they wait MINIMUM of 30-45 min. before retrieving the deer, sometimes much longer 2 hours , 4, even overnight

Please sign these Petitions
Abolish Bowhunting and end the brutality!!!

Stop the officially sanctioned, inhumane slaughter of deer in Fairfax county


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