Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hunters of America love their food plots for deer which means more and more deer


Is it any wonder why the most heavily hunted state has the most deer and continue to have high DVA and in some places getting worse?. Google "food plots and hunting" and see what you find..Every sportsman wants to get more deer in their land, they want to plant protein rich food and food that deer loves to eat this way the rack of the deer will grow bigger so that small men with small brain and no heart can destroy innocent sentient life. Plus food for the does means more fawn birth (which is what they want)


"But, if you manage for deer, you supply an abundant amount of high-quality nutritious food all year that grows more, bigger and healthier deer and helps the bucks to reach their maximum body weights and antler potential."

"Don't skimp on the food plot"

Here are some of the MANY food plot website, information, products and videos.
Food plot with "bedded Jealousy"

Food plots where to buy

Take Compensatory Rebound Effect

Q: What is the compensatory rebound effect?

A: The compensatory rebound effect is the reproductive response of a species by which a sudden increase in food resources, due to a sudden decrease in the population, induces a high reproductive rate. When applied to deer, it means that when large populations are killed, the remaining deer benefit from enhanced food supply and begin to produce more deer (twins) and begin to reproduce at a younger age (as early as 1 yr. old). click here for more

Then have the hunting industry manipulate deer habitat with protein rich food plots sometime for the extra boost uses
supplement feeding.. Some states has banned supplement feeding not because they did not want to continue but because CWD is spreading and they do not want to jeapordize their billion dollar business.

Why do we always have "too many deer"? click here

Equals why the states that has the most hunters have the most deer thus high deer vehicle accidents and complaints of too many deer Doesn't anyone see this as strange that every year there is deer "problems" even though they continue to kill kill kill innocent sentient life?

They also rejects deer birth control not because it does not work because they know damn well it does, but because they want and need the doe to give birth especially to twins and triplets. Hunting is business they need the deer to support the billion dollar killing industry and 70% of that is from the whitetail deer. What do you suppose they do if they implement the IC deer birth control? There be less deer and no more need for hunting and no more deer for hunters to kill for fun.

Michigan top hunting state yet look at this..

"Since 1970, the deer population in Michigan has quadrupled to 1.8 million, but southeastern Michigan's deer population has increased by 10 times. (southeastern Michigan is heavily hunted)

New Jersey and Nebraska have posted the largest increases, 54 percent. Kansas is next at 41 percent. Deer-vehicle collisions have jumped by 38 percent in Florida, Mississippi and Arkansas. Then come Oklahoma (34 percent) and West Virginia, North Carolina and Texas (33 percent)."

"Spearheading a national CWD research effort to better understand the impact of CWD on wild deer herds and the future of hunting. The impact of this disease on the U.S. hunting economy could be catastrophic given that 70 percent of the $67 billion hunting industry is generated from white-tailed deer. " source


For the third year in a row, West Virginia tops the list of those states where a collision with a deer is most likely (for any one vehicle). Using its claims data in conjunction with state motor vehicle registration counts from the Federal Highway Administration, State Farm calculates the chances of a West Virginia vehicle striking a deer over the next 12 months at 1 in 39. Such an encounter is even more likely in West Virginia than it was a year ago.

Michigan remains second on that list. The likelihood of a specific vehicle striking a deer there is 1 in 78. Pennsylvania (1 in 94) and Iowa (1 in 104) remain third and fourth respectively. Montana (1 in 104) moved up three places to fifth.

Arkansas and South Dakota each dropped a spot to sixth and seventh. Wisconsin remains eighth. North Dakota and Virginia round out the top 10.

(All those state are heavily hunted)

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, deer-vehicle collisions in the U.S. cause more than 150 fatalities each year. (source)

Now read

6 Reasons why hunting causes high Deer Vehicle Accidents year after year after year. click here

Is it beginning to sink into the non-killing public ?

Overall seems to me that in the heavily hunted state so long as the hunting industry is making billions of dollars from whitetails deer innocent humans lost from DVA's must be sacrificed. That means the death of your loved ones was the purpose of disgusting humans enjoyment of killing animals for sports and trophy. We believe that DVA should be Murder 1 to the hunting industry

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