Saturday, September 12, 2009

Enough is enough with using animal sadism to "manage" deer!!

Is this how we are going to continue to "manage" deer population that the hunting organization created to begin with?

Plus a whole lot more animals sadism as a means for "wildlife management here

Will mankind choose to live at peace with Deer? What you can do to appose hunting

Frequently Asked Questions on IMMUNOCONTRACEP....TION

Deer Option Enterprise

Human OptionsFences, repellent, deer resistant tree/plants etc

More Humane options here

Does deer birth control works? YES

Danger to the innocent Humans


College student shot when mistaken for a deer

MI--Mother, Child (and horse) SHOT In deer hunting accident


  1. "How come the most heavily hunted states seems to have the most deer thus the highest deer vehicle accidents?"

    The above text is something you posted on this very blog. The problem is you've not bothered to back it up with any form or scientific research or facts. Simply relying on tons of pictures of deer and the absolutely unscientific jabber of "compensatory rebound effect" is merely harming your cause.

    Do yourself a favor and put out some FACTS. This and this alone will be your saving grace.

  2. Maybe you can try reading the rest of my blog hmmm?


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