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Did Jesus really allowed hunting?

Ever since I was in High School I knew when I saw a photo of Jesus he was about kindness, compassion love and mercy. It was not till later on that I heard in the bible Jesus allows bowhunting and I said to myself the bible is a sham and its rewritten by man to suit their greedy desire to eat meat and live a gluttony life style.

We have to also remember that Genocide, rape, slavery, sadistic animal sacrifice and even human sacrifice was all "condoned" by "God" in the bible. Those who follow the sadistic writing of killing with bows and arrows and animal sacrifice are those who is with hardened heart for they are not following the word of Jesus but the word of man with evil and selfishness in his mind.

First watch this video

Hunting was not the only evil in the bible either.

Read what I have written and think really hard how can a God that is supposed to be of mercy, kindness, compassion and love "condones" such barbarism to innocent sentient creatures. There are alsio 101 contradiction in the bible.

Now just read the rest and watch the videos..thank you.

Are the writing about killing deer with arrow in the bible the true words of God or is that a word of man who wanted to live a ungodly selfish and gluttony lifestyle?

The discovery of Christ's original teachings

In 1870, an Aramaic manuscript entitled "The Gospel of the Nazirenes" was discovered, translated and published. This ancient scripture, hidden away for centuries in a Tibetan monastery, seems in virtually every respect identical to the work by the same title, that was known and widely quoted from in the first century by the church. Many of the most revered early church fathers, as well as a surprising number of scholars today, have boldly declared that the legendary Gospel of the Nazirenes, later to be known as "The Gospel of the Holy Twelve," is nothing less than the long-lost original Gospel which, legend holds, was collectively written by the actual 12 apostles in the period immediately following Christ's death, and upon which all of the Biblical synoptic Gospels are based.


Falsifying Gods words

"What these correctores did was to cut out of the Gospels, with minute care, certain teachings of our Lord which they did not propose to follow - namely, those against the eating of flesh and the taking of strong drink."

Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ousley

"A Meat Eating Interpretation of the bible became the official creed of the Roman Empire, and vegetarian Christians had to practice in secret or risk being put to death for heresy. It is said Constantine used to pour molten lead down their throats if vegetarian Christians were captured."

Archdeacon Wilderforce

(The Roman Catholic church also sought to suppress translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls which showed aspects of the Essene teachings at Qumran, many of which Jesus taught, that the church didn't want published, because it contradicted official church teachings.
The Essene Gospel of Peace, also called the Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ, was written earlier than any book in the New Testament.)

Fruits / Grains / Grasses / Milk / Honey

"So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grains and grasses of the field, the milk of the beasts, and the honey of the bees. For everything beyond these is of Satan."


Gen. 1:20: "And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life" (The word here is nephesh--soul).

Next verse: "And God created great whales, and every living creature (nephesh--soul) that moveth, which the water brought forth abundantly."

Verse 24: "The living creature (nephesh) after his kind, cattle and creeping things."

Verse 30: "Every beast every foul everything that creepeth, wherein there is life (nephesh.)"

Did "Christian" hunters forget the Beatitude part of the bible? of course they did because it does not fit into their disgusting animal killing lifestyle.


Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Lection 33

By The Shedding Of Blood Of Others Is No Remission Of Sins.

6. And what doth the Eternal command you but to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God? Is it not written that in the beginning God ordained the fruits of the trees and the seeds and the herbs to be food for all flesh?
8. But I say unto you: Shed no innocent blood nor eat ye flesh. Walk uprightly, love mercy, and do justly, and your days shall be long in the land.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Mat. 5:7). Christians “above all should hear the call to mercy. They above all should have some kindness to spare. They above all should be mindful of the little things, seeing, in the suffering of these creatures,” a life that is God’s, and that is worthy of Christian care (Scully 325). For those of faith, “sensitivity to suffering is a sign of grace and also a litmus test of our fidelity to the passionate Creator God” (Linzey, After 132). “Kindness to animals is a small yet necessary part of a decent and holy life, essential if only as a check against human arrogance and our tendency to worship ourselves, our own works and appetites and desires instead of our Creator and His works” (Scully 99).

While kindness may not always be profitable, “[t]here are truths greater than our own wishes” (Scully 310). In the Christian tradition there is “a higher law regarding [animal] care and we must answer to it—not just when it suits us, not just when we feel the spirit upon us, and not just when it’s cost-efficient, but always” (Scully 308). The New Testament commands: “Be merciful just as your Father is merciful” (Lk. 6:36). Jesus was concern for the weak and vulnerable, those exploited and overlooked. For Christians, the “more deeply someone can be damaged by our cruelty, the greater is our obligation to show mercy. And our cruelty damages no one more deeply than the defenseless animals on whom we turn our terrible power” (Phelps, Dominion 152). Christian mercy extends “to all the living souls who find themselves in our dominion” (Phelps, Dominion 154). Mercy is at the heart of our relationship with God, and at the heart of our relationship with animals. As we require mercy, so do they. “Why just say grace when you can show it?” (Scully 45). “Any theology which desensitizes us to suffering” cannot be Christian theology, for Christianity is “centered on the divine vindication of innocent suffering” (Linzey, After 132).


Few more things to add

If God wanted man to kill and eat meat why are our anatomy designed for plants?

Our body is a temple and we should put into the body what our body was designed for and its definitely not DEATH.

3. What "Christian" hunters ignore is that there are slavery "condoned" by God even to the point of beating hard with a rod so long they do not die.

Overall "Christian" hunters uses the man corrupted bible and follow the writing of selfish humans and not of God to kill animals for recreational purpose. Look at the pathetic "christian bowhunters of America" with the trophy head on the wall

click here. That is not about God, that is about Satan.

That is of God???!!

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