Sunday, November 22, 2009

They IC bison, don't they? Why not deer ?

Look what they’re doing with bison:


Catalina bison going on birth control

“The Catalina Island Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that owns 88% of the island and is charged with preserving its wild state, believes the program will be a cost-effective, socially acceptable and humane method of controlling the herd. In Defense of Animals, an advocacy group, agrees and has donated a quarter of the cost of the $200,000, five-year program.”

PZP has proven to be equally as effective with deer.

Obviously the reason the hunting organization reject deer birth control is that they are too busy ensuring there be an abundance of deer year after year to satisfy the recreational killers. click here

Whitetails are the biggest blood money maker for the killing industry and they need a need the continuous deer production.

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