Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spine Shot Deer - The terror for deer, the excitement of cruelty for bowhunter

The photo is that of a fawn still with spots being spine shot .
Spine shot is a terrifying death for the deer and a whole lot of amusement for the bowhunters. Imagine how many deer, even fawns are spine shot so bowhunters can sit and watch the dance of death that can last for hours, one said they can suffer this way overnight. In Sports hunting there is no limit to the extent of cruelty that can be inflicted on the innocent sentient being because recreational hunting is legalized animals cruelty, there is no anti-cruelty law (not that we would want another euphemistic garbage), no one hears their cries, there is no camera except the ones the hunters put on their tree stand so they can video tape the snuffing of innocent sentient forest creatures and upload into youtube which is pretty dumb because people like me are watching and will expose the horrendous cruelty to educate the public.
The kind of comments you will see from other bowhunters

"Move the tree i cant see the deer flopping around like a retarded seal."
TheRedSchecters 2 months ago

"That's a nice doe, but you shouldn't of shown the part where you walked out and shot it again... You should have let her die and just sit in your blind for another 30 minutes. It's a great kill in all, but shooting her again with a crossbow won't do much after she is already going to die, it just makes people upset to film her last breaths and last movements. Im a big hunter, and yes I have had to shoot deer in the head to put them out, but i didn't ever once think of getting it on film." hollysskill3r55 1 month ago

"You should not have posted this. It was a bad shot and you showed too much of the does suffering. It sheds a bad light on hunting.",randyforst 1 month ago

" i shot a doe this year and spined it. i then put 2 more shots into her!! she still didnt die for over 10 min!" tenpointman

12 year old spine shot deer and dad says "great job son". Listen to the loud bawling cries of this deer even the child did not want to hear.

Read the total callousness of this bowunter who shot a calf elk.

"I had a buddy that spined a calf elk. Shots where we go are few and far between so he only carried 3 arrows for a morning hunt. First one was a spine. On the second shot the calf lurched and it ended up grazing its neck. He moved in to ten yards and tried to put the final arrow in his chest as the calf rolled onto its back but ended up a bit back and hit the liver. The entire time the calf was calling for its mother who remained 40 yards away not wanting to leave. He had two choices. Let it slowly die calling to its mother, or use a knife. He did the humane thing and took out his knife. Not the ideal situation for his first elk with a bow but using a knife in this case was the humane thing to do."

Spine shot buck even after 3 arrows did not die and the bowhunters are laughing and cheering thru all this.

(this one is a spotted fawn the user removed the original)
(at 1:44)
(at 6:50)
(This is not mercy killing this is kill to cause more suffering)
(at 7:30) and he leaves the doe to suffer overnight on Christmas eve.


Abolish Bowhunting and end the brutality!!!


  1. This is not a sport. This is cruelty. This is mean. There is nothing proud about what is being done to these innocent animals and their families.

  2. I like you site. Found via Christian Raymond on FB. Keep up the good work!

  3. @PatW. Definitely not a "sport" how can it be when the animal have no way to defend themselves and with the kind of advanced gadgets and accessories that hunters have the deer will always lose but of course hunters love to say "it's a challenge" when they know darn well it's not. I don't even see how they can call themselves "hunters" for 90% of the 'hunting" is done from a tree stand with bait or other deer attractant waiting for the animals to come to them, then they kill. That is not "hunting" (seek and search) that is simply bait, wait and kill.

    @Mike, thank you so much!! <3

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I sat in my truck in the warmth until the deer came out this year. The first one I shot exploded her heart, yet she ran about 50 yards. The second one, while they were standing there in a daze wondering what happened, I shot with a poor shot. A gut shot. This one went about 15 yards and laid down and looked at me, as if to ask why. I shot it in the head at that point.

    Both were very tasty.

  5. So sad and such sadism and mockery about your murder of the innocent but when you all die you will pay for it in hell :)

  6. These are spineless excuses for humans...hope there is a plan regarding a short life for these murderers...WITH PAIN

  7. "Hunters" are nothing but cowards. Pathetic little cowards who SHAME the entire human race. The worst description ever contrived of "hell" is too good for them.

  8. There will be a special place in the afterlife for these monsters and it's not toward the sky where angels abounds it's downward towards the pits of hell where Lucifer dances.

  9. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Sit in a stand, on public hunting land and see if you can get a deer to walk within 20 yards of you. Hunting is not easy and is more normal than not participating the process of attaining your food. Tearing open a wrapper and eating meat without being a part of the process is nothing more than parasitism. You had no investment in the process so can not respect or celebrate the animal that is sustaining your existence on the same level as the person who took part in the process.

  10. The last post is the only rational one so far. This is nothing but an inflamitory site based on regurgitated propoganda by the human hating radicals who have never actually entered nature on a one on one level. The vast majority of hunts end as failures if you think success is based on a kill. All hunts are successful when you base success on the enjoyment of God's creation. Put down your keyboard and join us in the woods. You may come back with a true appreciation of nature and begin to understand humans are a part of nature and everything in nature eats something. Don't forget, vegans eat too and animals can not live in the homes & yards they cleared the forest to build. In other words, vegans kill animals by living but feel they are superior to hunters because they do not see the animals they kill. Superficial, self centered, holier than thou, egotists is all they are.

  11. hey fuck all you hunting around here is for food. And any reasonable hunter will finish a deer that is suffering damn hippies get it strait before you post this bag of lies

  12. I have deer come up to me very close in the forest not hard at all. Yet the "sportsman" with all that gadgets and accessories you buy to bring the deer to you it's pretty simple. The scent remover, baiting, decoy deer, "sugar candies", "magnum scrape dripper", "cmere deer" bait, salt licks (which they do months before for deer to get use to coming near the tree stand) and SOOO much more. Many also have their own food plots with trail cam to observe the deer that you will kill. There is no challenge, nothing "natural" all just a store bought "predator" is what you are.

    I am around deer all the time and know enough about them, the photo above is one of hundreds I have taken and even video tape them too and leave them ALIVE that is how you love and respect nature, not by destroying them!

  13. "Human hating"? We love humans, I have many human friends, what we HATE is those who inflict pain, suffering and bloodshed to the innocent for their own sick self gratification. Shall we not hate pedophile or serial killers just because they are "humans?. You are all just as sick as they are and as far as we are concerned you are MONSTERS not "humans".

  14. "Don't forget, vegans eat too and animals can not live in the homes & yards they cleared the forest to build. In other words, vegans kill animals by living but feel they are superior to hunters because they do not see the animals they kill" Wildlife killer


    [1] If you live and pay taxes in an industrialized nation with a strong military, such as the United States, you inadvertently and indirectly, and hopefully unwillingly and regrettably, support the slaughter of innocent humans in the form of warfare in other countries (waged primarily for economic reasons; the economic reasons controversially thought to be also ‘national security’ reasons) and arms supply to violent militias, just like vegans inadvertently, unwillingly, and regrettably support the slaughter of innocent nonhumans by living and paying taxes in our animal-exploiting society.

    No thanks I don't want to live in a cruel heartless world you live in and no you are not part of "nature". Your killing is not out of survival or necessity today it's all for amusement and trophy while destroying the natural eco-balance. You are a menace to the animals world and human world.

  15. "pedophile or serial killers" are criminals. There is no comparison to normal people enjoying God's bounty unless you create it in your own sick, twisted, and dangerous mind. Quite telling how you go straight to the child rapers? What goes through your mind? To even think of that shows how sick you are! Hunting is normal, natural and perfect. We have binocular vision and the creativity God gave us to use more than bruite strength to kill an animal. If we weren't supposed to eat these creatures, we would not be able to digest them and we would not have so darn much fun being a normal part of the environment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the normal persuit of hunting.

  16. You ruin all right to argue when you compare hunters to child offenders. If you do not believe in hunting then I ask you not to participate. When you damn people who do hunt to hell you overstep your bounds. Please post a comment about your views of deer being responsible for more deaths then any other North American animal via vehicle accidents. Do you concern yourself with the death of the dear or the people? Hunters account for a very small population in regard to alleged crimes against animals. Quit going after the little guy because it is easy, go after the major meat processing companies that breed, feed, and kill animals in a quick lifeless process to provide food for millions of people. You spread hate, you are no better then WE are!

  17. Stop lying to sound like you get out there in the woods! You do not have deer come up to you all the time during hunting season on public hunting land! You act as if you are some sort of modern day Noah. Get off the bike trail and feed some mosquitoes. You will learn that all things kill to survive. Watch PBS and you will see wolves eating still living elk from the rump forward or crocodiles drowning a zebra. We are the most though filled and presice killers in the woods and the animals we kill have a better death than they would receive from other predators. FYI, Bambi was a children's story.

  18. "pedophile or serial killers" are criminals. There is no comparison to normal people enjoying God's bounty unless you create it in your own sick, twisted, and dangerous mind. Quite telling how you go straight to the child rapers? What goes through your mind? To even think of that shows how sick you are! Hunting is normal, natural and perfect. We have binocular vision and the creativity God gave us to use more than bruite strength to kill an animal. If we weren't supposed to eat these creatures, we would not be able to digest them and we would not have so darn much fun being a normal part of the environment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the normal persuit of hunting.

    Pedophiles and serial killers are criminals and so are you. Remember slavery was once legal and even the church fathers in those days said slaves can be beaten with a rod so hard just so long as they do not die. It was CRIMINAL but legal because they justified it by the use of the man corrupted bible and made it as though it was "ok" and the Government agreed. Killing innocent senteint being in this day and age when it's not even a necessity for survival or food but instead doing it for recreational purpose (sports and trophy) is beyond sick. To end a life of a living being for amusement is as sick as what pedophile do to children or serial killers killing of humans which in fact sports hunting personality is very similar to.

    Killing is not 'normal, natural and perfect' if that was the case we would all be out there killing animals and all of us would not be repulsed by the sight of blood and guts. Why do you think they want to grab kids at very young age? Because the hunting public knows that humans are not born to kill at least 95% are not, so they need to get them use to the guts and gore, never to explain that deer, elk and many animals have nervous system just like ours and that they too suffer but the worst are the bowhunters . They could give a damn how the animals suffer after the shot, they all doing their high fives and fist pumping all the while the deer they shot is dying a slow death either drowing in their blood or dying from their wounds. That is why all of you are sick, sickness beyond words on how callouse you are to their suffering and why you are a psychopaths.

  19. You 'binocular vision"? lol. You have eyes like our distant cousin the primate and the reason being that they had to swing from tree to tree and needed their "binocular vision" . Other then that you need to purchanse binoculors to see the distance, tree stand, deer lure, tree stand harness so you dont boo boo yourself from falling, the weapons, chem light to see in the dark if you need to track the animasl at night, true predatrs don't need any of them and true predators such as lions and wolves do not need to let the animals "layup and die". You are only a store bought "predator" in the animal kingdom. Without all your doodads you be nothing, just as helpless as a bunny rabbit grazing in the grass and a great meal for the true predators of the wild if they are hungry enough they will kill you as you cry like a baby for your life.

    If humans were supposed to "eat meat" (which your killing is not about food) why is it that meat eating related diseases and death are so rampant ? Why is meat killing humans? Also why is it that the most common cause of choking in adult human is meat? Look at your jaws and teeth compare to true carnviores and omnivores of the wild., it's quiet laughable.

    We all love the hunt, I love shed hunting when the deer antler falls off, kids love to easter egg hunt, I love hunting with my camera to take photos of animals in the forest so I can see them again the next day and the day after but I have NO desire to killl. I love nature, I love the forest and one do not have to KILL to enjoy nature for man is not that part of that eco-system. We are here to observe the beauty of the animals and that is why God brought the beautiful animals down to earth . Man in the forest destroy the natural balance, they kill the strong leaving the weaker behind, they kill off deer natural predator that weeds out the sickly , man helped spread CWD and other wildife diseases witth their baiting and supplement feeding. Man leaves millions of wounded and crippled deer after their enjoyment of killing.

    To destroy life for enjoyment is a sickness and even humans with an ounce of decenscy would find that repulsive. This is not the days of hunting for food to bring to the table to survive and live off the land, , today it's to buy your hunting gears , paint your face lke "rambo" to kill defenseless whitetails, elks, bear etc. Though the most hunted deer in America is the whitetails, most in demand by these coward lowlife monsters and DNR is more then happy to provide . Why do you think the heavily hunted states are the ones with most deer? Why is it that deer numbers continues to rise? Why is it that DNR rejects deer birth control? You are also the cause of human injuries and death by deer vehicle accidents because of the high deer numbers propagated by the hunting industry and DVA peaks during hunting season as the spots hunting spychopaths pushes the deer out of the forest.

    Are hunting industry deliberately producing deer for recreational hunting? plus what is "Compensatory Rebound Effect"??

  20. I believe in hunting, I love to shed hunt and bargain hunt but I DESPISE KILLING and especially what you all do that is to KILL for fun, You are no different then child predators for you pick on the meek and defenseless, your kinds are the type to abuse children , rape women and even murder (not all hunting accidents are "accidents" but the government turn blind eyes because bubbah said "oops I thought I hit a deer"). Yes the pro-kill corrupted Government protects these killers.

    If you comment about deer being the cause of more death then any other animals because of DVA that is from your people. Again here are some link of mine to read many of the quotes and information came from your website and some from friends of mine.

    Are hunting industry deliberately producing deer for recreational hunting? plus what is "Compensatory Rebound Effect"??

    Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE) is why killing does not work .

    Realities of hunting as a population control: Why there are so many deer today

    Should Hunting be held accountable for human injuries and death from DVA?

    BTW I go after the meat industry too and you are no "little guy" the hunting indstry is huge and full of corruption with the controls of the NRA and pro-kill Government that is why no matter how many people are against hunting we lose. Yes the hunting industry is great with their lies, euphemism, whitewash, instilling fear of DVA (their cause) of lyme disease (not from deer) and so much more., Hunters and the hunting industry is synomymous with LIES and misleading people. Look how they been rejecting ICdeer birth control (which has been proven to lower deer population by 60% long term). Then you have the streighter lite system for the road (they reject say it's "too expensive"). I believe that the DNR love to hear about mangled cars and dva's this way more excuses for urban and suburban deer hunting.

    We "spread hate"?? how is that so ? is it because we are fighting for the innocent animals and that many people are FED UP WITH SADIST MONSTERS LIKE YOU CAUSING TERROR, PAIN SUFFERING AND DEATH TO THE INNOCENT SENTIENT BEINGS and the CORRUPTED WILDIFE KILLING AGENCIES like the DNR, Fish and Games, Fish and Wildlife, NJ DEP, NY State DEC, etc etc.....whose only consern is money and how they dictate wildlife because they are mostly run by hunters. These places are just another hunting club with a euphemistic name.

  21. I watch tons of nature show seen how wild animal kill for FOOD AND SURVIVAL and yes it can be disturbing but that is life and death in the wild. Man kill for sports and trophy, man kill for amusement and for no reason but because they "can". Man let animals "lay up and die" like in bowhunting, they leave millions of wounded and crippled animals. Plus when bowhunters let the animals "lay up and die" sometimes up to 4 hours or overnight they always talk about "gee I hope the coyote don't get them", so many of the animals wounded already by sports hunters gets attacked and eaten by predators and they had no way of defending themselves. BTW I never seen wolves let the animals "layup and die" , and wolves always take out the weaker of the herd to keep the strong that is how natural balance works. Man knows nothing about that, they just see a big deer, elk or bear and want to "own them" to feel "important" and photograph with their murdered victims.

    Here is me video taping a deer in the woods

  22. Some things are just too difficult for that childlike mentality of yours, however the fact that we eat them is evidence of it's normalcy. Your existence guarantees something has died. You are just too big of a coward to try to do it on your own. Tear down your house and plant a tree. Tear down the shopping center you buy your pre-killed food from and plant a forest. Let that farm your store buys your pre-killed food from go fallow. All these things you use remove the ability for critters to have a home. You are a killer! You starve these things by not allowing them to eat. The streets you drive on are paved with the corpses of innocence. Come on big guy. Really stand up for your cause by starting with your own life and kindly back out of mine.

  23. @Anonymous
    Try reading the back comment, I did not build shopping malls, I did not build the homes. We are encroaching on the homes of the animals and then there are humans who move into deer or bear country to "complain" about them. Worse is that hunters and their organization tear down lands after land burning timbers, manipulate deer habitat and even plant food plots to create abundance of deer. The hunting organization claim "conservation" they buy as many land as possible and even the "wildlife refuges" are used as a killing field for hunters. They lie to the public like they "care" but the public do not know hunting cares nothing about no one (human and non human animals ). They keep the land unsafe for non-killing humans to enjoy during the fall, they kill the animals we came to love for their amusement and sports and then use the lies of "deer management" when the only thing they are "managing" is ensure abundance of deer for lowlife scums like you to kill for fun.

  24. So, I see you haven't burnt your home and planted a tree yet so you are still just pretending to care. It is just sooo easy to “care” when you have no real investment and are unwilling to give anything on your own. You must sit in your warm home at night getting off on the fact that you have displaced animals for your own selfish desires. You think you are more important than animals. You may not have created the Mall or Home but you are perpetuating it so don't try that one. You can live in a tree house or move to a warm environment and eat cattails but you choose not to. You choose to keep other animals from having a home and place for their young because you don't care. You can not hide behind your mommy's skirt any longer. I am calling you out to do something real and something that matters! Are you going to show the 3 people on this site that you are really just a wanna-be little twerp that really isn't dedicated to your cause? Be strong! Set an example! Be a leader! The pioneers take the arrows! All three of us are watching and hoping you will be the leader you always wanted to be. We need you Messiah. Just show us the way and start with your own home.

  25. Your lack of understanding of even basic biology and the interplay of all species is obvious. Food plots and land improvements help all wildlife, not just deer. Those food plot mixes have several types of plants which many animals eat. A small food plot or feeder will improve the nutrition and health several deer, raccoon, bear pigs, rabbits, skunks, mice, rodents, etc.... CWD is not spread at feeders. The one or two deer that are killed off that plot is a worthy trade. (and before you ask NO I AM NOT ASKING THE DEER because THEY ARE NOT HUMANS!) All animals are more healthy in the long run. All wildlife is renewable. Humans enjoy killing and eating these animals because it is natural and normal. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the legal killing any game animal. I don't care if it is a grasshopper or Elephant. There is no reason to continue to address the obvious. It is your opinion that is odd and inexplicable. Until the 1970's, nobody thought anything of hunting. Now you have too much time on your hands so instead of worrying about real issues, you have to create one to feel like you matter. Well you are not so important that you should be interfering with hunter's and the traditions and enjoyment of those who participate. If you don't like it, don't do it and stay out of my way because I enjoy it. You think you are so great and important that you think your opinion should be imposed on the good people who hunt. Deer are beautiful animals that know every rock and twig on their home range. They have a nose better than a blood hound, their eyes can see in near total darkness, and their ears are incredible. They are more than capable of surviving in their world and manage to live years in some cases in heavily hunted areas of America. Now that we all understand how silly you really are, I would like to ask one last thing...Please stop using your word-of-the-day-calendar words like "sentient." It really is just sad and pathetic. I pity you on so many levels.

  26. To the one "Anonymous" your absurdity means you know what your kind does is beyond evil and disgusting so spare us your "live in a tree" bs. We all thrive to do the best we can to live life as harm free as possible that is what's important but your kind do the best they can to cause as much pain and suffering for their own amusement.

    To the second "Anonymous" again pointless comments, 1970's many did hunt for food and also we had no knowledge of animal sentient and what cruel humans that exist to commit such horrendous atrocity to our sentient wildlife for sports and trophy. Plus bows and arrow was not the weapon of choice then it was regular shotgun, there was no videos and photos to share on line. There was no way of knowing about how your kinds works (evil) and the corruption of the hunting industry such as DNR, NY State DEC, NJ DEC, Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Game , Colorado DOW all those state wildlife agencies is nothing more then a hunting club with a fancy name.

    CWD *IS* spread by feeders, the deer congregate don't they?

    Deer may "not be humans" but they suffer just as we do. Dogs are "not humans" but you think they don't suffer? You think to shoot a dog with an arrow to let them "layup and die" is "ok" because they are not 'human"? We are human animals and they are non-human animals and when it comes to to interest in living, pain and suffering and to fear terror we are all the same. Have you ever seen how mothers will bond with their babies and some will come together to defend the babies? You think that is not like us? They also have a soul for all being that bleeds and suffer has a soul.

    If a powerful Alien life form exist out there and came to earth we would be "dumb" animals to them so how would you like to be treated the same way and use your body for sports and trophy and say "oh humans they don't feel pain they are too dumb".

    Recreational hunting is NOT about "food" your purpose to kill is for sports and recreation which includes trophy hunting the most popular of all. Some may eat the "back strap" or "deer jerkey" (too laughable) but majority bring in to have the meat processor which they don't have to pay a dime to "give" the body to the pantries thus risking innocent humans lives from bovine TB and CWD. I been hearing from others that they are dumping the carcass into the garbage "given" by your people. There are 150 billion pounds of edible food wasted in America every year they do not need your poison that are not even USDA inspected, the killers do the "inspecting" themselves.

  27. Wow you just hate humans don't you! When even feeding the less fortunate a healthy, 100% natural peice of protien is wrong, nothing can be right. I know the folks at the pantry I searve at are grateful for the deer they receive from hunters who do in fact pay a portion of the costs of processing the carcass. Deer is too expensive to throw away to rot. I have never met a person who does not fully use every delicious bit of meat on the deer. When you consider in gas, tags, time off work, guns, bullets, cloths, knives, and a multitude of other hunting related items used on a hunt, you will see that 50 to 200 pounds of meat we get a year is much too expensive to not fully use. If hunting was not so fun, natural, and normal, no one would do it due to the costs. There is nothing wrong with enjoying hunting. Your infomration is flaud (intentionally I beleive) as is your opinion.

  28. Man, these "Anonymous" guys are exactly right! They run rings around you logically TC. You might want to delete what has been said. It really shows just how empty your concerns are and worse, you are accurately being shown to have an unsafe hatred of humans. I mean, really?! You think it is bad to feed the homeless donated wild game? You really think that those people are not thankful for the meal? You really think animals have a soul?! Space Aliens is your big debate winning point!? Ha! Sorry but you are beat brother! Face it, you are being destroyed in this arena of ideas.

  29. I "hate humans" ? Where on this whole page does it say "anti-humans"? I am against animal cruelty for "fun" which is what sports hunting is about.

    Spare me the "give to the pantries you all "give" because your plans are to kill but who would want to eat meat that has been known to have CWD (prions)

    and bovine TB and many other parasites and worms. Hunters pays nothing to process the meat "given" the the pantries so do not go on with your lies.

    "There are no costs to the hunter for donating
    the deer.
    • Processors will be reimbursed $70 for each
    • Processors can only accept carcasses for
    donation that are:
    • Free from signs of illness
    • Field dressed with the hide intact
    • Free of visible decomposition or
    • Properly identified with a Minnesota
    DNR registration tag
    • Processors will reject deer for the donation
    program that"

    all you have to do is to "donate" one dollar, 5 or 10 dollar is you feel like it, KILLER!

    BTW more places to dump the deer carcass the more tags DNR can sell, it's that convenient? I heard from people who work in pantries they do not want those distusting meat that slob hunters "inspect" and how many humans have you contaminated by "donating" meat you would never eat yourself from CWD and bovine TB and other wildlife disease. CWD is the most deadliest of them all and 14 states have them in American inclding 2 canadian provinces. So spare me the fake halo over your head BS which I hear time and time again the "give to pantries" lol. I had to use the soup kitchen before and we had pasta with sauce, bread, and donuts, sometimes there were chicken casseroles and all kinds of good stuff and I was full just fine (before I became vegan) I went thru some rought times. There was no deer meat or any garbage in the food and everyone went about happy. You think deer carcass is somekind of a "savior" when in fact it's poison. You going to kill the animal YOU EAT IT and let your whole family eat it and take the risk but don't do it to others. There are vegetarian food for the hungry but funny how the Government do not want them feeding the hungry but that is because they are about preaching to feed the world hunger and the poor with compassion and stop American Government from spending so mch money to this was base on lies (911 was an inside job) and instead help use the moeny to care for the hungry and guess what/? They were called a "terrorist" . Anything to do with compassion and helping those who are oppressed and suffers wrong are caled "terrorist" by the Amercan Government that is why we NEED A HUGE CHANGE.

    "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense
    than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death." Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Food Not Bombs shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry
    in over 1,000 cities around the world to protest war, poverty and the destruction of the environment.
    With over a billion people going hungry each day how can we spend another dollar on war?

  30. No I do not remove comment because what I stand for is right. Any humans with an ounce of compassion will look at what sports hunters do with pure disgust and that is why we need to get this out into the open more, even out into the streets with video and pamphlets. The hunting industry and hunters have lied long enough and DNR, NJ DEP, and many other state wildlife agencies is just another hunting club with a fancy name all run by majority hunters.

    Sports hunting aka "legalized animal cruelty for fun" must come to an end but till then we should be educating the public. We need to get it out in the open more and it's something I am thinking of doing hopefully come summer.

  31. I meant to say "war based on lies" and also please do read about Food Not Bombs. Excellent organization yet the Government calls them "terrorist. I think Jesus too was arrested and crucified because he was about change and he also wanted to liberate the animals.

    Food Not Bombs

    Here is another one called Global Food For Life

    Are they ever mentioned by the Government on what they do for the hungry? NO

    They only mention "feeding" by way they can make mucho dollars and "feeding" by exploitation of animals by using them for sports and trophy.

  32. This sight is ridiculous if hunting was stopped animal populations would get out of control. Boars are destructive dangerous animals that are breeding and spreading like crazy so are you nits suggesting that we take all the wild boars and just put them in a sanctuary? Bears, although cute and cuddly looking can be incredibly destructive and dangerous, same with mountain lions. Coyotes kill livestock and if there were no livestock raised and butchered and sold in stores guess what you'd have to do to eat meat. The way that livestock are butchered is cruel too are you gonna suggest the entire world becomes vegetarian? Too many predators have been killed and so now hunting is required to keep populations in control. And alot of people actually eat what they kill and aim for the heart(which is a quick kill in case your ignorance has spilled over into anatomy).

  33. I heard all the excuses, there were contraception for the feral hogs the DNR (hunting club with fancy name) refused to use it. I am from NJ been around bears and they are not "destructive" so long as you keep your area clean (Read video information), all the stories of these "danger" made up by the wildlife killing agencies like the NJ DEP and DNR, their most interest to kill these animal is to keep the population of deer high (not the boar part).

    The live stock and predators are excuses again to continue killing the animals that man want to enjoy killing (Deer and Elk but mostly deer). If the livestock is their "concern" there are barriers and fences to keep them out and I was recently reading a article about coyotes and livestock so if I do find it I will post them.

    You mean you don't contribute to the slaughterhouse food at all? Amazing how they think we are so blind to think they do not go to the market for slaughterhouse food and then go to the forest to kill for sports.

    Many are going vegetarian and slowly to veganism. You be surprised how mainstream it has become such as we have one large supermarket in NJ many vegan food and another market lots of vegan food and even in the deli isle. Yes there are people with compassion who wants to change for they know animals are sentient beings.

    Overall this is about recreational hunting (sports and trophy) and what other sick reasons you have out of killing not about Veganism.

    Killing today is not out of necessity AT ALL.

  34. The "destructive" ones are man who pretends to be this "predator" in the animal kingdom that kills the strong and leave the smaller behind weakening the gene pool. The body of whitetails has gotten smaller because of hunting the big deer which in the cause of REAL nature predators such as coyotes and wolves they go for the weaker keeping a strong gene pool.

    Also certain species of bear gotten smaller too because of hunting . Recreational Hunters are the destroyers of the natural eco-balance. Man do not belong in the forest killing, when they are in there it's like serial killing humans. They kill for fun.

  35. The torture of wild our domestic animals are done by ignorant, soulless people who imfect the quality of life for everyone, the universe reponds with a reaction equal to their act.

  36. Thank you Anonymous, I believe each and everyone of these soulless bowhunting monster will one day reap the most horrific pain and suffering like they did to the animals for their enjoyment and NO MERCY WILL BE GIVEN TO THEM NOT EVEN BY GOD. I HOPE ALL THE BOWHUNTERS AND SPORTS HUNTERS ASS FRIES IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

  37. Mmmmm. Fried rabbit with mushroom gravy, smoked deer lion wrapped in bacon with cranberries, cornbread and jelly, and a big old glass of ice cold milk. Perfect!

    What did you have for dinner? Bean sprouts and a vitamin pill since full nutrition can not be reached solely from a vegetarian diet? Ha! Idiots, just sad, pathetic, ill-informed idiots…

  38. Wow, Just read all these comments. That is a lot of energy and typing over a deer. Looks like TC has his/her work cut out. I always thought there were bigger problems in the world. Child molesters? Really...TC, you have kids? Take care everyone, hope something good comes of all this name calling, because it is offensive to both sides here.

  39. First of all "Anonymous" there are more nutrient on a non-death diet then on a death diet. More are learning today that our body is meant for plant based diet, our anatomy is designed for just that. Why do you think so many die of diseases and cancer from diet that consist of meat? Why do you think the ex pres Clinton spoke of Vegan diet that finally saved his life. Tell me also why in adult humans that meat is the primary cause of choking? Carnivores and omnivores do not choke on meat only man.

  40. Sad you don't know much about vegan food it's a lot more then bean sprout, Plus whatever you do in this life will reflect yours in the next OR it can be in this life too. I feel sorry for you, selfish psychopath.

    To the other "Anonymous" I bet if this post was about dog abuse you would not come here yapping about child molesters and besides sickos all stick together and you are in the same category as child molesters picking on the meek and defenseless for your own self gratification.

    "You can't love and respect nature with a gun" Captain Paul Watson

    "These are men who slaughter for pleasure. I call them perverse death deviants and I have no apologies for labeling them as such. Killing for pleasure is a sickness, no different than child molestation or rape." Captain Paul Watson

    We all knew that before Captain Paul Watson wrote the article.

    Not that you would not come here because you "care" about dogs because your type even beat, abuse and abondoned their hunting dogs. You would not come here because you have no fear that the truth are being revealed and no one is gonna be here taking your "rights" to commit cruelty to animals away.


  42. Take your guns and bows away and your a coward!!

  43. I bet you had to fight all your battles with a weapon.....PUSSY hill billies!!!!

  44. FACT: Hunters were the first conservationists.

    FACT: The vast majority of hunters pride themselves on quick and humane kills no matter what weapon they use, and they put hours and hours in each year practicing with those weapons. They know their limitations and do not shoot beyond them.

    FACT: Hunting has ABSOLUTELY NO correlation with domestic violence, murder, etc. In fact, in my 20 years of work as an educator, I've found that the most well-adjusted, least violent and most caring students have invariably been students who hunt and grow up in families that hunt.

    FACT: Hunters donate thousands of pounds of high-protein, low-fat, free-range, organic meat to food banks and shelters all across this country.

    FACT: Hunters put hours of sweat equity into habitat improvement projects each year. They get their hands dirty and put their money where there mouths are.

    FACT: Hunters truly care about the environment, wildlife and wild places.

    FACT: Most people who are involved in the animal rights movement have at least one if not more of the following character attributes:

    1) An unrealistic fear of their own mortality
    2) A history of being the victim of abuse
    3) A disdain for true wilderness and the natural world
    4) mental illness for which they have either sought therapy, are taking medications, or both.

    Everything I've written here is the truth, supported by Science. What the soulless fools who run this website are perpetrating is nothing but political propaganda.

    I just came in from practicing with my bow for the upcoming archery deer season. I'm shooting 1 inch groups in the heart/lung area out to 30 yards - my maximum effective range. I will not take a shot at an animal outside that range and I will only take broadside or quartering away shots and I will always aim for the high percentage heart/lung area to insure a quick clean kill. Our season starts Sept. 15th . . . IT CAN"T COME SOON ENOUGH FOR ME!

  45. Fact: BS from Anonymous above came from a hunting organization.
    Fact: Another hunting organization says that more death occurs by vending machine each year then by hunting. Vending machine 2 , Hunting accident

    Oh there was so much that I had to ask Joe Mieli what happened to the list. He said there was not enough room and these are only what has been called in. Here is more on a video I put together.

  46. The only thing you "conserve" is enough animals to have for sport hunting. Who gives a damn. Plus with all the deer the hunting industry has propagated death from deer vehicle accident has been rising every year.

    Here is more about that "conservation" line .

    Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

    Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound management

    Katherine is not an "anti" and I am not either. I understand those who have to kill for pure survival or sustenance but today's American recreational hunting is NOT about that. Theirs is "Thrill kill" for heartless humans.

  47. What a idiot, another religious nut-job with an agenda and a free website. Go live with the taliban and other zealots and rid our society of your ignorance.

    Didn't Jesus and his disciples fish? You think letting a living creature suffocate slowly is any more humane? Its not. I guess that means Jesus was a evil fallen demon / terrorist / serial killer in the making by your own definition. Or do you just care about what Walt Disney said was cute and fuzzy? Either way any ethical hunter knows you never attempt a sine shot with a bow. Its a fact hunters still pay for more wildlife support and habitat than any other group. And if you want to stop hunting you better want to and try to stop all use of animals for food, slaughter houses are far less humane than hunting. But I don't see a link on your site in the links to important petitions what a fool you are.

    My name is Scott and I have a BS in Environmental Science and a state job within natural resources and focus on habitat and land reclamation. You are so far off and tragically wrong you are a case study in just plain ignorance and absolute absurdity.

  48. Also, the "Man the Hunted" is the worst excuse for science I have ever wasted time on, horrible theory.
    1- How else does one explain that all mega fauna disappeared at the same time whenever humans expanded into a new area. (ie. saber tooth tiger, mammoths) This has documented time and time again. Anthropology is NOT a hard science.

    2- Why are leopards and other predators that inhabit wooded areas that would have been shared by human ancestors and are currently by other primates show fear and avoidance of primates.

    3- What are all those animal bones and fragments, both from cooking and jewelry, as well as spear and arrow heads doing among human and hominid remains and sites.

    4- how/why were animal skins worn. You really think they went and cut skins off rotting carcasses? Exposing themselves to or fighting off scavengers and other predators that eat carrion.

    Another note

    There are more people that come from religious backgrounds and upbringing that turn into murderers and serial killers and school shooters. You have just a couple examples from the millions of people that hunt. You do not make a good case and your argument is laughable, I hope you are medicated.

  49. @Anonymous
    I can see you have not read my other post. First of all I don't think a man of compassion and mercy will have a man go out and kill an animals with a weapon of pain, where the hunters (or so they call themselves that) more like psychopaths can sit on their tree stand giving the high fives, fist pumping and cheering as the animals suffocate and die. They wait minimum of 30-45 minutes to make sure the animal is dead to retrieve or find the deer. Some takes longer, I seen many that took 2 hours, 4, hours, and some even overnight and guess what? On Christmas eve!!

    Yes your name is Bullshit and everyone hunters I hear about have their own "I have a degree in blahblahblah", same old same old. Don't matter today we are not living live caveman, your fridge is filled will market food. I can understand sustenance hunting and hunting for pure survival but that has nothing to do with recreational hunting. Tell me, all the food, milk, chocolate etc came from the land?. Your fridge have no market food huh? Lies.

    In the forest anti-cruelty law is exempt so the psychopath can do whatever they wish and get away with it. One is into animal cruelty or even killing of humans such as blacks and women because your kind during the Ted Roosevelt approved of racism, they hunted blacks like they do deer today. That is why today's "sportsman" love the phrase "when it's brown it's down"./ You are talking with someone who been studying this for almost 6 years. I hear there are Necrophilia going on. Overall "sportsman" love to use deer and other wildlife but mostly the deer as human victims.

    btw "Fish" with Jesus is "fishweed" a sea plant which I even eat to this day and a very common food for the people in those days.

  50. To the other Anonymous are you arguing with the man who knows more about early man than you do?

    Of course there were a time when the freeze hit and they had to learn to hunt for survival. SURVIVAL, get that thru your head and it has nothing to do with the high fives and "wack a doe" crap.

    So there is the bones and outerwear. SURVIVAL. You are not seeing the difference of then and today but it took 10 men to kill one animals so they can eat though before then they were scavengers finding what they can to live. Bone and covering tons from other wild kill so please do not try to act like you were on "top of the chain". That is why today there are accessories after accessories psychopaths can purchase at hunting stores or on line, to bring the deer or other animals like bear and Elk to you. Baiting and they do it months before the season begins to get the animals used to the spot. Salt licks etc just so they can get their prize trophy or kill for the fun of killing. One guy in NJ bragged he he killed 16 deers and he says he is a "mans, man" because he can go around with his crossbows killing yearling, squirrels and other defenseless little creatures and many of your kind agrees. How pathetic that that is what makes you a "man". lol

    Many of the school shooters owns rifles and have history in their family of hunting. They were never taught that killing is wrong. They were never taught compassion and mercy and most of these kids were probably beaten by their dad for it is known that Hunting and abuse goes hand in hand.

    "Some people might argue that the link between animal abuse and human violence is tied to the fact that in most of the publications where this connection is cited, the abuse of the animals involves illegal behavior and that this is not the case with hunting. For me, it is difficult to see how there is a significant difference between the diminished empathy of the hunter and the diminished empathy of the person who abuses his or her pets, spouse or children. It is the violence that is damaging psychologically - not whether it is legal or illegal - and it is the resultant lack of empathy that in turn is linked to domestic animal abuse and to anti-social behavior."

  51. killing deer is not a sin in any religion therefore we are not going to hell

  52. Lions kill Zebras. Wolves kill elk....should they go to hell?

  53. When you guys hit a deer on the road and total your will be mad at the deer and complain that there is too many deer in the area

  54. I am torn between these two sides. I am a hunter and I do understand the feelings you all have for the animals. I have them too. I love them and think deer are amazing and beautiful creatures. They are not here for our abuse, and there are people out there who call themselves hunters who just go out to shoot something. I am not one of those people. The first doe I killed I spine shot, and I cried as soon as I realized what I had done. I immediately went over to her, calmed her the best I could and ended her pain. I cannot tell you how horrible of an experience it was and I never want to inflict that sort of pain, ever. I pride myself on practicing with my bow at least 3 times a week making sure it is sighted in properly and will work to make the best and quickest kill possible. I do understand that people abuse our rights for hunting and it is terrible that they do. I hate it. But please don't put all of us under the blanket of being spineless cowards. I hunt for myself and my animals, because we need food. I don't do it for the thrill or trophies.
    I also would like to know if everyone who thinks hunting is so terrible goes to the grocery store and buys meat. Do you know that these animals are tortured their entire lives? Beaten, neglected, malnourished and force fed drugs to grow much faster than their bodies can handle causing their legs to break under their own weight? Do you think eating that kind of meat is humane? I realize that hunting does inflict pain and suffering, but only for minutes instead of months or years in farm animals cases. Neither are the ideal choice, but in my mind letting an animal live free like they were meant to is much better than the hell we put farm animals through nowadays. Not to mention how much healthier wild game is than farm raised. Just food for thought.

  55. I don't take sides in stuff like this, in fact for the past few years I haven't made my mind up one way or another on the pro - con hunting debate, but I do plant trees, clean up the environment, and take part in environmental stewardship outings. I have often seen too many people who make wild statements and calls to end all hunting, or eating of meat, without ever getting off their comfortable couches and actually doing enough good deeds in nature to counteract their own consumerism style of damage. On the other hand, I have seen that the majority of outdoorsmen (and women) who enjoy hunting and fishing, tend to have a much greater respect for the outdoors because they are actively involved in its welfare. 9 times out of 10 it has been my experiences that they are the first people standing in line to actually take action do something about it when they hear news of something along the lines of an environmental crime or tragedy. My advice is to get out there in the magnificent outdoors and actually talk to some hunters and fishers, and you will quickly learn that most of them are caring beings with a vested interest in nature, not the blood hungry monsters that many arm-chair internet politicians would have us believe.

  56. "killing deer is not a sin in any religion therefore we are not going to hell"

    "Thou shalt not kill" and you are KILLING. All those meat eating and animals killing were put into the bible by the Romans. Hunters were look down upon by God. In the bible slavery was appproved by "God" so you believe that too? Your kind should just put away the bible which after 2000 years been rewritten by man. Jesus said there will be humans who will write things into the bible he never wrote, take things out such as about non-killing and vegetarianism that he did write.

    The Gospel of the Nazarenes. In 1870, this Aramaic manuscript was discovered, translated and later published. This ancient scripture,
    hidden away for centuries in a Tibetan monastery, seems in virtually every respect identical to the work by the same title, that was known and
    widely quoted from in the first century by the church. Many of the most revered early church fathers, as well as a surprising number of
    scholars today, have boldly declared that the legendary Gospel of the Nazirenes, later to be known as "The Gospel of the Holy Twelve," is
    nothing less than the long-lost original Gospel which, legend holds, was collectively written by the actual 12 apostles in the period immediately
    following Christ's death, and upon which all of the Biblical synoptic Gospels are based. Considered by some theologians to be the elusive "Q

    "Some are not aware that, after the Council of Nicea, the manuscripts of the New Testament were considerably tampered with. Certain
    scholars called "Correctores" were appointed by the ecclesiastical authorities, and were actually commissioned to correct the text of the
    scripture in the interest of what was considered orthodox."

    Archdeacon Wilderforce

    "What these correctores did was to cut out of the Gospels, with minute care, certain teachings of our Lord which they did not propose to
    follow - namely, those against the eating of flesh and the taking of strong drink."

    Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ousley

    "A Meat Eating Interpretation of the bible became the official creed of the Roman Empire, and vegetarian Christians had to practice in secret
    or risk being put to death for heresy. It is said Constantine used to pour molten lead down their throats if vegetarian Christians were

    Archdeacon Wilderforce\line

    "Many things have been inserted by our ancestors in the speeches of our Lord which, though put forth under his name, agree not with his
    faith. They maliciously pretended that they had written their lies and conceits according to him."


    "After my departure there will arise the ignorant and the crafty, and many things will they ascribe unto Me that I never spake, and many things
    which I did speak will they withhold, but the day will come when the clouds shall be rolled away, and the Sun of Righteousness shall shine
    forth with healing in his wings"

    ~Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace

    "Woe is the time when the spirit of the world entereth into the Church, and my doctrines and precepts are made void through the corruption of
    men and of women. Woe is the world when the Light is hidden. Woe is the world when these things shall be. AT that time Iesus lifted his
    voice and said, I thank thee, O most righteous Parent, Creator of Heaven and Earth, that though these things are hidden from the wise and
    the prudent, they are nevertheless revealed unto babes."

    The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lection 44, Verses 12-13

  57. Cont.

    "I have set you as the light of the world, and as a city that cannot be hid. But the time cometh when darkness shall cover the earth, and gross
    darkness the people, and the enemies of truth and righteousness shall rule in my Name, and set up a kingdom of this world, and oppress the
    peoples, and cause the enemy to blaspheme, putting for my doctrines the opinions of men, and teaching in my Name that which I have not
    taught, and darkening much that I have taught by their traditions. But be of good cheer, for the time will also come when the truth they have
    hidden shall be manifested, and the light shall shine, and the darkness shall pass away, and the true kingdom shall be established which shall
    be in the world, but not of it."

    The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Lection 95, Verses 3-4

    Did Jesus Approved of Hunting?

    If this is about Jesus then how bad can the devil you condemn be? Especially in bowhunting where the animals suffer as the bowhunters wait minimum of 30-45 minutes even more. SUFFERING when Jesus always spoke of mercy, many was not made anatomically for meat to the second writer

  58. Correction; "man was not made anatomically for meat".

    "Lions kill Zebras. Wolves kill elk....should they go to hell?"

    Incase you did not get this by now, look at your anatomy, Human are designed for plants

    Lions and Wolves are carnivores and need meat in order to survive and if they don't kill they will die. Unlike man who were designed for

    plants and not to kill, that is why man spends thousands on equipment to kill. When you can kill with your bare hands and rip the meat off the

    animals body and eat it then you are a carnivore or even an omnivore for real omnivores are grizzlies and if you look into the mirror you can

    compare yourself with a grizzly, jaws extended, long nails, speed, where man has features designed for eating fruits and veggies.

    I am a vegan and there are many wonderful dishes one can eat without killing, pasta, pizzza, casserole, bread, stews, burrito wraps and much much more and no death is involved. Why would you want to put dead things in your long herbivore stomach that are pocketed. When
    you eat death your stomach becomes a graveyard where putrid meat in that long warm intestine seeps poison into your body. That is why there are so many meat eating related diseases and death. True meat eaters have short smooth intestine to rid of the waste fast.

    BTW I don't believe in hell but I do believe in Karma and so did Jesus

    .....Know ye not, those who live by the sword are the ones who die by the same death
    As ye do in this life to your fellow creatures, so shall it be done to you in the life to come "

    Jesus, The Gospel of the Holy Twelve,
    Lection 24, Verses 1-5

  59. No Lacelynn you are a killer. I am a "hunter" I "hunt" for sheds, I "hunt" with my camera LIVE animals so they can live as we would want to live and I have a beautiful photos I can share with everyone, kids easter egg "hunt" but not one of us wants to kill and no killing is involved but in your case your intention is to KILL. I always believe to treat another living being as I would love to be treated. You only "love" animals that you feel are "worthy" of "loving" and what pure hypocrisy that is. *If* you really "cared" about the animal you spine shot and you know how inaccurate and hard it is to get a good shot with bows and arrows, then you would never use the weapon of ultimate pain and suffering.

    Why not use a shotgun *if* you have to kill in order to "survive" which is of course the same lame excuse for if you can afford a computer, a
    cable and I am sure your fridge is stuffed with other food from the market you do not need to kill. And why choose such a horrific weapon of pain that many wants banned. In UK they banned bowhunting because of the cruel aspect of it.

    Lacelynn I hear your type of "Oh I care and I cried when they were in pain yadi yadi yadi", IF YOU "CARED" with your crocodile tears you would not kill at all. You will even try to go on a plant based diet which is much healthier for you and you can actually say you are a true
    "animal lover" and I mean of ALL animals. I put all bowhunters in the same catagory and there are one or two where I read they never used a bow and arrow again after seeing the terrible pain he caused the animal and the cries. He said it haunted him for a long time yet you still continue. What you "practice" at a non moving object, so big deal. Animals move, one slight sound they can "jump the string" as they call it that is why there are always so many bad shot and many deer left wounded and crippled. You are also elevated on an incline which makes it difficult to get accurate shot so don't give me that "I practice" because object don't move.

  60. You talk about going to grocery to buy meat yet many meat eaters were brainwashed thinking "they are good for you" and "humans need protein from meat" which is a big lie. Now humans are beginning to learn the cruelty,the truth that our anatomy is not meant for meat so they are trying to either go vegetarian or go for the "human meat" because of guilt. Now can you imagine humans feeling guilty eating meat and dairy where animals suffer yet your kind go right out there and kill, many because they enjoy it not for the meat. Today with all the wildlife diseases why chance it too but overall we know their fridge is stocked with slaughterhouse meat for "food" and go bowhunting to kill for "fun" and "sport". More and more people are turning to plant based diet not only for health but as I said they are learning that animals are sentient being and have as much right to live. We the compassionate ones are growing in numbers and heartless killers are dying in numbers.

    You say "I realize that hunting does inflict pain and suffering, but only for minutes instead of months or years in farm animals cases"
    Really?? Is that why bowhunters are recommended to wait at least 30-45 mins before retrieving the deer, elk or any large game animals.

    Some for 2 hrs , 4 hrs , or even overnight. Many are never recovered and are left wounded and crippled to die from starvation, unable to eat.

    To be a bowhunter, one must be completely void of empathy, compassion, and mercy because they KNOW their action cause so much

    pain and suffering and for what? "Necessity"?? Today there is NO reason for killing, you kill because you enjoy it. If you really "care" for these animals then put the bows and arrows away for good.

  61. "When you guys hit a deer on the road and total your will be mad at the deer and complain that there is too many deer in the area" Anonymous

    If you go back and read some of my blogs rather then just coming here and yapping you realize that the deer numbers are propagated by the
    hunting industry. Whitetails are the most demanded animals for trophy and sports and 70% of the blood profit comes from them that is why
    with Compensatory Rebound Effect, supplement feeding, food plots deer number continue to grow and why the most heavily hunted states
    has the most deer and growing, so is the deer vehicle accident which also peaks during hunting season with all the psychopaths with their yahoo's terrorizing the innocent deer they are running for their lives. How about the "deer drive" and "bow drive", another reason for high deer vehicle accidents. Overall so long as there are hunting, there will be abundance of deer to satisfy the killers and the DNR are happy to oblige for DNR are nothing more then a hunting club run by hunters who dictates what happens to our wildlife. HUNTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE

    FOR HUMAN INJURIES AND DEATH BY DVA and I hope one day all the victims of DVA will come together for a class action lawsuit to the
    DNR of their state.

    We have many non lethal options for long term deer herd reduction and to dramatically lower DVA's but the hunting agencies refused. They want the mangled car, to put fear into the public then more excuses for sport hunting. They know more and more people are getting disgusted by your kind .

  62. @CS so you are saying that pain, suffering and death to the innocent is "caring" for nature? Then why aren't you doing that to your own people to show how much you "care". What bunch of hogwash!


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