Saturday, November 13, 2010

SHARKS video of Troy Gentry killing tame bear brings to light the cruelty of bowhunting.

I want to thank SHARK for not only exposing this coward country singer Troy Gentry who bowhunted tame bear to make himself feel "macho" but for bringing the cruel and sadistic "sports" of bowhunting to light

As Steve Hindi of SHARK mentioned that the bear named "Cubby" when shot into the lung drowned in his own blood and that is one of the main way our bowhunted animals die. Whether it's a hit to the gut, lung, liver, and other parts of the body of the animals there is hardly ever a "quick death" in bowhunting that is why in bowhunting websites they have a recommended waiting time of 30-45 minutes before tracking the animals. The Animal rights activists that are protesting against Troy Gentry playing at Arizona's state Fair says "there was no chase, there was no hunt" which in fact describes exactly how bear and deer bowhunting works in America because 90% of the killing are done by a tree stand or blinds with baits and attractant to bring the animals to them, then they kill so overall there is not much difference of what Troy Gentry did and what 13 millions sports hunters of America does to our wildlife. Also US Fish and Wildlife is a hypocrite being that they kill billions of innocent wildlife by the use f bowhunting, shotgun, trapping, snaring and shooting by planes such as in wolves. I like to remind everyone do not pay attention to recreational hunter who tries to use the "true hunter" , "real hunter", "ethical hunter" excuses to act like they are not the same as Troy Gentry when we know damn well they are especially the bowhunters. This is not about killing for survival aka subsistence hunters this is about killing for sports and in bowhunting being that its an expensive "sports" theirs are not about survival.


Hunter showing other hunter how to make a bear bait.

Here are more videos of bowhunting of bear over bait


"Consider the physiology of the deer (and bear) who dies by suffocation, choking on its own blood, or the deer who dies after an arrow penetrates the diaphragm. The presence of a highlysophisticated nervous system in deer certainly suggests that their nervous systems perform the same functions as human nervous systems. The presence of the same neurochemicals in deer as in humans similarly shows that they feel pain as we do.
In recent years there has been a major shift in the way the scientific community understands the mental life of animals, particularly mammals. Presently, researchers in a variety of animal-related disciplines generally agree that in addition to being sentient, mammals are consciously aware and have feelings and emotions.
Mammals, including deer, are presently understood by scientists to have the capacity to
think. Numerous studies indicate that the mental harm that is done to an animal placed in a stressful situation may be more injurious than that done to a person in a similar situation because the animal's mind, in varying degrees, focuses more on the immediate than the distant. Thus, an animal, unlike a person, is less aware that the present anxiety they are experiencing may be temporary." Steve Nusbaum MA, DVM,

A Veterinarian's Perspective on Bowhunting


The horrible torturous cries of the black bear

SHARKS website on Tory Gentry

Manipulating wildlife conservation for special interests

Wildlife Conservation has an agenda - our taxes ensure unsound management

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