Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Deer Vehicle Accident to Hunting Accidents hunters are a menace to society!


State Game officials estimate a population of 800,000 deer in New York State alone, which is up from450,000 just ten years ago." Here is why deer herd number continue to rise and NY "sportsman" also uses Quality Deer Management, read the link and learn the truth on how hunting industry is deliberately producing deer for recreational wildlife killing . Please remember that the killing season is just about here and a DANGEROUS TIME FOR MOTORIST.

IMPORTANT! this is the season for high deer vehicle accidents not only because of the rut but the wildlife serial killers terrorizing the forest.
Read this simple steps to keep safe out on the road during the next 3 months and if you have teens that are driving for the first time and they live in a heavily hunted states it's especially important for them to learn how to avoid DVA's.

Here are the states most likely to have Deer Vehicle Collision/Accidents as of 2009

New Jersey and Nebraska have posted the largest increases, 54 percent. Kansas is next at 41 percent. Deer-vehicle collisions have jumped by 38 percent in Florida, Mississippi and Arkansas. Then come Oklahoma (34 percent) and West Virginia, North Carolina and Texas (33 percent).

Overall if you live in states with deer please read and learn.

Tip as for Avoiding Deer Collisions

* While you should always be aware of your surroundings, keep an especially keen eye around dusk and dawn. These are the periods of time when deer crossings occur most often. It can also be more difficult to see at dusk or dawn, since it is neither completely light or dark outside.
* One of the best ways to avoid deer collisions is to drive at a safe speed, especially in areas with deer warning signs. These signs are strategically placed in areas known to be frequented by wildlife. Follow the speed limit and you’ll give yourself enough time to react should a deer or any other animal cross your path.
* Whenever possible, use your high-beams when driving in areas with wildlife. Not only will they provide the light necessarily to see the road, but they can also help illuminate a deer’s eyes from afar, giving you proper warning. Flashing your lights at other drivers can alert them to a deer’s presence, but do so with caution, so not to distract them.
* If you do come across a dear, firmly apply your brakes, but try not to slam on them or swerve into another lane. While deer collisions are extremely dangerous, drivers losing control of their car to avoid them can be just as deadly.
* You could consider investing in one of the “deer whistle” products. These whistles emit ultra-sonic noise when driving over a specific speed and they are supposedly only audible to animals. Unfortunately, studies have shown them to be largely ineffective at minimizing accidents.
* Should you see a deer getting ready to cross the road or one that is already in the middle of it, loudly honk your vehicle’s horn. This will scare most deer and they’ll quickly make their way back into the woods. It also helps alert other drivers nearby to the situation.
* Finally, always keep an eye on the vehicles in front of you. Be prepared to stop suddenly, as there’s no telling when a herd may decide to cross, forcing the drivers in front of you to slam on their brakes.

If you see that a car accident with a deer is unavoidable, do not swerve, brace yourself and apply your brakes. Hitting a deer head on is a much less severe accident than swerving off the road or into an oncoming car. Most car accidents involving deer only leave minor cosmetic damage, however it can damage your radiator leading to an overheat and serious damage to your motor. If you think your damage may be severe, use caution getting out to inspect, as an injured deer may regain consciousness and attack. Otherwise, drive a safe distance away, pull off to the side of the road, and then inspect. If your radiator is leaking fluid, turn your car off immediately and have it towed to a garage. Your insurance company may require a police report to file a claim for coverage.


Plus hunting accident because you know these inbred psychopaths can't shoot whether be bows and arrow or guns. 


DEC, DNR, DOW and all your pro-kill state wildlife agencies will never give a pre-murder season warning to the non-killing public on how to keep safe in your parks and forest when you hike, bike, dog walk , horse ride etc because they want to keep the public believing that hunting is "safe" even though hunters continue to kill each other, themselves and even their children plus innocent humans and pets been shot by bullet and arrow many time when they were mistaken for a deer or other "game" animals. STATE WILDLIFE AGENCIES SHOULD WARN THE PUBLIC OF THE DANGER FROM THE WILDLIFE TERRORIST IN THE FOREST SADLY THEY DON'T SO I WILL. YOU SHOULD AT ALL TIME WEAR YOUR ORANGE IF YOU LIVE IN A HUNTED STATE AND KNOW THERE IS KILLING IN YOUR PARK/FOREST AND THIS GOES FOR YOUR DOG AS WELL. I AM GETTING MY SON A HUNTER ORANGE HAT TO WEAR THIS YEAR BECAUSE THE MORE I LEARN ABOUT HUNTING THE MORE I KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THEY ARE.!



  1. Hunting accidents really are becoming more and more common. The laws can become confusing when dealing with property ownership, negligence, and so on. An Omaha wrongful death lawyer can help when hunting accidents happen.

  2. In Celoron, NY the mayor John Keeney just authorized a killing. He obtained a permit and had 4 men shoot with rifles 32 deer. The permit was for 50. this is in a small village with about 1200 people. Houses close together etc. The reason: the deer were overpopulated and were eating bushes. He had promised the community to hold a public hearing but he did not. They baited them and shot them at night. Laws in NY are against this but they got a special permit from DEC to use these tactics and kill during gestation. You can google, Celoron NY (deer) there have been two articles and more to come I am sure.

  3. You mean NY State Dept of Environmental Corruption and cruelty yes I know about their killing I live in NY not in that area but they have "nuisance" deer murder here too because the rich spoiled neighbors cares more about their tulips and gardenias then a living sentient beings. The deer is trying to survive in a land that was once there and we have encroached in their land and then suddenly man feel they can kill them as they wish (hey more money for the DEC). Even those who call DEC to complain to have the deer killed has much blood on their hands for being such selfish heartless cruel humans. With hunting you will always have abundance of deer and deer will seek refuge where there is no hunting.

    It's sports hunters and their cronies that needs to be "culled".


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