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In bowhunting, animals do not die in "less then 30 seconds"

The lie you will most likely hear from bowhunters.

"I've taken 50 plus deer with my bow, and I've never had one run more than 10 yards or live longer than 30 seconds. My 14-year-old son took one last weekend, and it was four seconds before it went down. It's very quick."

When they say "it went down" does not mean the animal is dead and in "tracking deer after shot" website you can clearly see that the animals suffer and die a horrible painful death especially in the hands of bowhunters. notice how uncaring and unmerciful these monsters are . Bowhunted animals do not die "quick" whether be Elks, Deer, Bear, Antelope etc. that is why you always hear bowhunter say "give it time" meaning time for the animals to die.

"After shooting the deer, stay in your stand and be quiet for the recommended time. A noise might push your deer away. He could be bedded down less than 100 yards away.

The deer could be "filling up" inside with blood, showing very little external bleeding. The hair from the lung area is coarse and brown with black tips. The deer will usually go down in less than 125 yards. Give the deer 30 minutes before tracking.

A heart-shot deer will sometimes jump wildly when hit. The blood trail may be sparse for the first 20 yards or so. A heart shot deer may track as much as a quarter of a mile, depending on what part of the heart is damaged. The usual is less than 125 yards. The hair from this shot will be long brown or grayish guard hairs. Again, a 30 minute wait is advised. But, if while trailing you find where he has bedded back off and wait an hour before taking up the trail again.

If the deer is dead in an hour, he will still be dead in 4 hours. Have patience, he will not go anywhere. Wait him out for at least 4 hours. Wait overnight if the deer isshot in the evening.

If a spine-shot deer hobbles off, wait a half-hour and track slowly and quietly. Look for the deer bedded down.

A liver-shot deer. The liver lies against the diaphragm in the approximate center of the deer. It is a definite killing shot. The blood trail will be decent to follow and the deer should bed down and die within 200 yards, if not pushed. A one-hour wait is best. The hair from the liver area is brownish gray and much shorter than the hair from the lung area. If you push the deer out of his bed, back off and wait another hour.

Animals, especially deer, do not start bleeding at the point of impact. The blood trail generally starts about 15 to 30 yards from where the point of impact is. I have seen deer that were "high" lung shot that never bled a drop outside the body! And a heavy blood trail takes a while due to the chest cavity having to fill up before the blood can exit the wound.

Once the paunch (stomach) is ruptured, semi digested food and stomach bacteria enter the body cavity. This makes the deer sick and it will eventually lay down where it will expire after a long time. Blood loss is minimal and slow and will almost always be internal. These reasons are why one should wait a minimum of 8 hours before attempting to track a gut shot deer. "

Here are more collections of quotes from hunters on "tracking wounded deer/game" that is put into a video.

"Ethical" Hunter says "let the deer lay up and die"

The "bowshot deer dies in 30 seconds" lie of heartless bowhunters.

Damning statement from bowhunters own disgusting mouth!

A person leaves a comment at a bowhunting forum and he write

"I was watching a hunting show last night and they shot a buck with a bow and it ran about 150 yds. I was actually thinking about it and am surprised that more people don't complain about it being cruel. You shoot them with a gun and 9 out of 10 they drop dead but 9 out of 10 times they run off and die later. don't bother me either way but i'm just saying that i'm surprised it hasn't come up more then it does. "

Then he gets banned ( I see it under his name)


Bowhunter 1989 Big Game Issue
An article entitled “A Call for Accuracy” by Dwight Schuh states: Our sport can’t stand
forever in the face of growing hatred. Archers must work to counteract that sentiment
and build bowhunting in a positive light. The first step should be obvious. Don’t brag
about hitting and losing animals. He goes on to say, There’s nothing honorable
about hitting and losing an animal; it just means you screwed up. Don’t brag about it.
Just shut up.

Comment under a bowhunters video

2 weeks ago

dang, atleast you've seen a buck, and got a shot off. 30 days-in here so far with nothin to show. lol, he'll probably go die on some anti hunter lady's yard!

2 weeks ago

@ChasingTailOutdoors - I gave em bout 2 hours to die, and looked 4 blood for an hour or so... But with the weather here being in the 70's, an over night recovery was'nt an option, so I had ta press the issue a bit...
MidWestOutdoorz 2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

An hour isn't long enough for a gut shot deer, you should of left and came back in the morning. And tracked it. You don't have to have blood to track and most gut shot deer don't bleed out because the fat will clog the hole.

Comments posted on facebook in response to this blog

"Yes that is the best way to make them feel the pain and misery and we can feel good about it for the inhuman crimes they commit on and on..."

"Bottom line is that bow hunting is not a "sport", is a an archaic and sadistic practice that has no place in ANY wildlife management protocol.
If wildlife management principles were for the benefit of the "target" species; there in fact woul...d not be a "need" for a next season!
I challenge these so-called "sportsmen" to modify their egotistical trophy attitude to embrace philosophies that eventually realize a smaller and healthier population at the expense of eventually not having a "next season".
Oh, and also ban tree stands, baiting, bow hunting and mussel guns ....
State Fish and Game departments are pimps for the NRA!"David

"Everyone knows this animals do not merely drop. That's why in most of the videos they will wait a good hour before even trying to find the animal, as they want their trophy at the end of it. Real men don't hunt they are compassionate toward...s all living creatures. It's all about power for this sad individuals, they like to exercise their dominion over these poor defenceless creatures.
I have rescued deer before that were due to be shot, we used nets & herded them into them. Once caught we quickly covered their heads to calm them down. The noise they made I will never forget. How anyone could hurt these beautiful gentle creatures is just a mystery to me :(" Paul

" Bow hunting is as barbaric as lopping off rhino horns to let the animals bleed to death, as barbaric as poaching elephants for their tusks, canned hunting et al....leave the animals alone, they don't hunt us. What is with the human race!" Susan

"This is madness in its sickest form... They got no feelings or respect for any life form I am sure... They shouldn't just be bow hunted themselves, rather if I was there I would have stick up a Bow into their cruel inhuman a**es..." Bea

"Unbelievable!!! First reaction: gut....wanting to and feeling like throwing up from anger and sadness!! Second reaction: Anger continued....wanting to "bow hunt" a "bow hunter"!!!!!"Leslie

"Hunters are murderers and mutants! In my opinion they are not human, but a sub-human off shoot species from the human race. Of course, deer suffer and do not die immediately from bow hunting! I have found dead deer on my property that run for a mile from where they were assaulted. Even if they did die quickly, it is still murder. Hunters are still stealing the life of the deer they kill for sport! All of these dick-less wonders rationalize away their abberant, murderous behavior with, "they die quickly, it's a sport, someone has to kill them to avoid the 'overcrowding' of the environment, hunting is a natural part of the 'system', I love the outrdoors, I hunt to feed my family" , etc., etc, ad nauseum! Hunters are souls-less monsters who enjoy killing! That is why they hunt! They like to kill living beings! Human could not do this!
Thanks, for the info on this atrocity" Jerry

"crying again, f**ng pieces of s**t for brains morons, these are the demons we have to fight, so sad, they have to kill to feel like a man...oh god i hate these a--holes! pack them up and send them to an island to shoot at each other for gods sake.."

"What could be more fun than stalking beautiful, defenseless, and precious creatures then murdering them. What a wonderful accomplishment to be proud of. Ghandi said you can measure the moral progress of a country by the way the animals are treated. Using this measuring stick woud mean the United States sucks and the moral progress is in the toilet." Arthur Poletti

-"I won't watch that video, it would make me too angry and sad. But I will say that most hunters look the same...gormless, dull, unintelligent, and they're often overweight and flaccid. I should feel sorry for them I suppose, but I despise them...and I've never seen a photo of a hunter that hasn't made me want to smack the idiotic grin off their face with a shovel!"

" Bedded down? That's what this cretin called where a deer falls to die, as if it were just drifting off for a long winter's nap. Sweet dreams.

I lived by a stream for years where dear came to drink. I think they knew they were safe in "m...y yard." Even when they ate my flowers. Some were so tame. One had passed me, I whistled, and the little doe came back up the hill and stood there for a good ten minutes while I talked to her.

Yeah, crazy lady talks to deer. I told her how beautiful she was, then warned her to watch out for other humans, because some would hunt her. I hope she understood.

She just stood there, intent on what I was saying, as if she did. I will never forget her big, dark eyes. I hope she is OK. How could anyone harm such a creature.

How could anyone talk about what how many hours to wait before they begin to look for the wounded, ( died almost instantly) animal, depending on which organ was hit?

Or advice the "mighty hunters" of these gentle animals to allow the deer to die a slow, painful death overnight, if gut shot, rather than to bother oneself to go put the poor thing out of it's misery.

Should I follow their advice if someone shoots them in the gut?" Donna

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  1. get a grip, man have hunted with a bow for over 200,000 years, its nature.


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