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State Wildlife Agencies encourage killing does to ensure fawn "recruits"

State "Deer Management" says fawn should be at least 2 months old so they can probably take care of themselves, how "caring"!!!! With hunters so preoccupied with producing fawns, it's not surprising why they continue to lie and deceive the public about deer birth control .


The reason why mass killing creates more deer is the ecological principal known as compensatory rebound . After Deer hunting season there is a drastic drop in deer population,thus more food will be available for does. Healthy does means birth to twins and sometime triplets. The fawns will become nothing more then "crops" to the hunters and will "recruit" the fawns to become object for hunters self gratification of killing. Hunting season is huge money for the DNR (not to benefit you the non-hunting public but the hunters themselves. State Wildlife Agencies (Fish and Wildlife etc.) spend billions of dollars to create more land to use as killing field and more deer herd preferably the large antlered buck.

Hunting organization and hunters continued to reject deer birth control and we can see why, here are some quotes about doe killing as part of "deer management".

"The number of new deer added to the pre-hunt population is a function of the number of fawns born and their survival until until the fall. The number of fawns born is primarily determined by the number of does, but the survival of fawns, however, is mostly dependent upon the physical condition of does, although predation is certainly a factor is some situations. A large number of does that are nutritionally stressed will not raise as many fawns to be added to the fall population as a lesser number of healthy does."

"Deer Hunting and Managing"

They spend so much time "studying" does reproductive so does can give more birth and the fawns become "recruit" to be an object for sports killers.



"Thus, late fall up to early winter is very important for deer herd managers to impact and influence fawn production, so make sure the plant communities on your property is properly managed deer habitat. "


The above article came from Texas hunting and deer "management" website. Here is one from PA DNR and "deer management"

"Some people disagree with shooting antlerless deer; they reason that protecting them -- thus maintaining a maximum breeding base -- will assure large numbers of antlered bucks because terrific numbers of deer will be born each year and button bucks wouldn't be harvested. But bear in mind, a smaller herd in balance with its habitat can produce as many fawns as an oversized herd on poor range. Does have fewer young when habitat quality is lacking."

Indiana does it too as well as other states such as NJ and West Virginia and its pretty much the same for all the state that use hunting as a method of "deer management" and to "reduce" deer population.

Mother doe and their young needs each other as you can see from this young fawn we name Sir Knocknee and mother that comes to our back yard. The young fawn about 3 weeks old last spring/summer.



Fawn and mommy at 3 months old


This is the young fawn a week ago still with mother and Sir is now cleaning mommy.


Sir knocknee is about a year and a month today still with mommy.


State Wildlife Agencies spends billions of dollars manipulating deer habitat to produce more deer even killing deer natural predator

("biggest threat to fawn 'RECRUITMENT' ")

which is nature's eco-balance. The fawn are "protected" so they will replace the 100,000 of deer (over 6 million across America) killed season after season. Imagine if we just had wildlife watching and stopped sports hunting, it would benefit not only the animals life but us for no animal would have to die , there be no need to replenish the slaughtered deer year after year from sports hunting and spend so much money and time creating "fawn crops" "recruiting" fawns , burning deer habitat, planting food plots, and for that extra boost hunters do whats called " supplement feeding" to create better antler growth and larger deer herd. The large deer herd is what is what causing Deer Vehicle Accidents which is also highest in the Fall hunting season plus we like to see the same deer alive when wildlife watching year after year after year.

Also a great article to read is ANATOMY OF A "DOE" HUNT: How Killing Female Deer at the Watchung Reservation Increased Birth Rates and Reproduction.

Its no wonder DVA'as are so high in the heavily hunted state because hunting is not about "reduction" its about production of deer.

Don't be fooled by the word "harvest" which hunting public love to use instead of the word kill or slaughters to white wash their killing for sports. They want the public to believe that killing a deer is like plucking a potato out of the ground and that the animals feel no pain or suffering. May I remind the wildlife killing public that Deer are not crops, vegetables, potatoes etc unless we can call hunting accident victims a "harvest".

Early doe hunt from another "deer management" website and look the heartlessness of the hunting public.

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