Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bowhunters are digging their own grave via Youtube


In 1991 we didn't have youtube or public website where one can upload their videos to share with the public. Since youtube came along hunters by the thousands are digging their own graves by "bragging" about their sadistic kill using youtube as their "showroom". The public are now seeing what really goes on in the homes of our forest animals and its not pretty at all. The people see the type of disgusting humans that are in the woods killing our wildlife and the worst of them are the bowhunters because their killing is mainly for trophy and for "sports". They will bring their video to the treestand to tape their killing and some will go the extent to show the public how the animal suffer and die (which 99% of the bowhunted do). This is what a bowhunting magazine said back in 91'.

Western Bowhunter Sept. 1991

A guest editorial – “Responsible hunting Starts With You!” by Larry D. Jones
states: Don’t talk to anyone about wounding animals, especially in public places
or among non-hunters. Jones also states, If you videotape your hunts, don’t
show bloody kill scenes, rough handling of animals and animals struggling,
kicking or quivering as they go down, to non-hunters or anti-hunters. No one
including myself, enjoys seeing animals suffer.

But sadly many hunters do enjoy seeing the animal suffer especially the bowhunters because they know that their killing involves slow death via hemorrhaging, poisoned by their own fecal matter in gut shot or drowning in their own blood (lung shot).

These are videos uploaded into youtube by the recreational hunters but most of them are by bowhunters. There are 63 videos collected in all and many of them come in during deer killing season some have deleted their video while others still keep it up and what we the anti-hunters do now it to save their video into file as soon as we find them because everyone of their videos are proof of the savagery that go on in the homes of the animals and the immense terror, pain and suffering the animals endure for "sports".

No amount of euphemism, whitewash and lies will cover their disgusting brutality done to the innocent!

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